Chinese synchronized swimming Guangzhou Dream-chasing Huang Xuechen excites the Sixth World War World Championship

 Chinese synchronized swimming Guangzhou Dream-chasing Huang Xuechen excites the Sixth World War World Championship

The 2019 World Swimming Championship will be held in Kwangju, South Korea, on July 12. The Chinese synchronized swimming team, which will appear on a new program, will strive to conquer the whole competition with Chinese style.

Huang Xuechen/Sun Wenyan

There are 10 synchronized swimming events in Guangzhou Swimming World Championship, including single, double, mixed and collective technical and free choice, collective free combination and lifting, with 1097 participants from 47 countries and regions. China will take part in seven competitions to launch an impact on Russia.

The Chinese team dispatched a team of 13 women and 1 man, led by Huang Xuechen and Sun Wenyan, silver medalists of the Olympic Games and World Championships, who came back half a year ago. Shi Haojie was the only male player.

Among the seven events that the Chinese team participated in, the group free combination Nu Hai Zheng Feng was a reserved program, which won the first gold in history at the last World Championship. Because of the change of competition rules, the program is now shortened from 4.5 minutes to 4 minutes. We redesigned our movements, with greater intensity and greater difficulty. National team coach Wang Jie revealed.

Huang Xuechen and Sun Wenyan participated in the two-person technical selections of Game and the free selections of Goddess of Hope. Huang Xuechen of the 6th World Championship was very excited about returning to this stage: The biggest difference is that I am a mother competitor in this competition. I retired for a period of time before and gave birth to a baby. Now I have recovered for more than half a year, and I feel more able to understand the movements. After careful training by the coaching group, physical fitness has also been greatly improved. Our goal is to show ourselves and keep fighting for one. Because we have already won the second place in the previous World Championships, we hope to get closer and closer to the first place.

Sun Wenyan said, Im the fifth time to participate in the World Championship. I personally feel that the team has made a qualitative leap in recent years. From the past, it has paid more attention to the display of cultural connotation. No matter our double project or our collective, it shows the Chinese civilization. We hope to transmit the Chinese spirit to the whole world.

Compared with his first World Championships two years ago, Shi Haojie is 10 centimeters taller, 1.82 meters taller, more skilled and more cooperative with his partners. In the Guangzhou World Championship, he will participate with Zhang Yayi in the selection of Dragon for mixed doubles technology, and compete with Cheng Wentao for the free selection of Hua Butterfly.

Two years ago, I had not mastered enough technical difficulties to compete in only one event, which ranked eighth. This time, I participated in both events. Compared with foreign masters, I still have a gap in personal skills, but I think I can catch up quickly, the most important thing is to improve artistic expression. Shi Haojie said.

Coach Wang Fang commented on Shi Haojings progress by leaps and bounds: We have high expectations for him, and he has been working very hard. From a technical point of view, he is already comparable to other competitors, leg movements and water level close to the worlds first-class, but there are still weak links in water treading, lifting and so on.

Flower tour girls will also deduce collective technology selections of Dream Chasing and free selections of Heroes of the Towel. In Wang Jies words, Our team has been formed since October last year. The combination of the old, the middle and the young has distinct characteristics. It has strengthened athletesphysical training, movement arrangement and difficulty innovation. We hope that theChinese windwill bring some shock to the world in Guangzhou! (End)

Source: Responsible Editor of Xinhua News Agency: Cao Liemen_NS1806