Nine science and technology start-ups began to purchase the highest P/E ratio more than 100 times today.

 Nine science and technology start-ups began to purchase the highest P/E ratio more than 100 times today.

The market noticed that the corresponding P/E ratio of the issuance price of the micro-and medium-sized companies was the highest: 153.68 times before issuance and 170.75 times after issuance.

There are many high valuation cases among the companies that have recently announced the issuance price. In this regard, Cao Yong, deputy director of the supervision department of listed companies of the Securities Regulatory Commission, said that this was the result of market-oriented choice.

Medium and micro companies have the highest P/E ratio, which is 148.79 times after deduction, while China has the lowest P/E ratio, which is 18.18 times. Others are Rongxuan Technology, Lexin Technology, Xinguang Photoelectricity, Andiji Technology, Platinum, Guangfeng Technology and Fuguang Stock.

The listing of the first batch of listed companies is progressing smoothly

By the evening of July 8, 144 companies had been accepted and 119 had been inquired. The first company to withdraw its application for listing on its own initiative appeared that evening. However, this did not affect the progress of the first listed companies.

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Ruihua Accounting Involved in Kang Dexins Inspection

Five Branch Creative Plate Declaration Companies Trample on Thunder

On July 8, the head of relevant departments of the Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed that the Securities Regulatory Commission had paid attention to Kangdesins intermediary agency in the case of information disclosure violations, and Ruihua Accounting Firm had been investigated. As Ruihua was investigated, dozens of planned IPO companies will be affected, including five planned listed companies under review.

Five Branch Creative Plate Reporting Companies Affected

In 2010, Kangdesin was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Beginning in 2013, Ruihua Institute has issued a five-year standard audit report on Kangdesin without reservations. Only in 2018, when Kang Dexin was in deep crisis and most of the supervisors were unable to guarantee the true performance of the annual report, did Ruihua issue an audit report unable to express opinions.

In Kangdes new four years of financial fraud, Ruihua received 8.4 million yuan in audit compensation.

As a well-known accounting firm in China, Ruihuas A-share business contracting volume is very considerable. Its official website shows that as of May 31, Ruihua has served 316 clients of A-share listed companies, including Sany Heavy Industry, Gujing Gongjiu, Taihe Group and other well-known enterprises.

According to the information on the website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the accounting firms of 7 companies including Longshan Soft Technology, Jeppert, Lanqi Technology, Tianzhun Technology, Guoke Huanyu, Haitian Ruisheng and Jianlong Weina are Ruihua Accounting Firms. Among them, Lanqi Technologies and Tianzhun Technologies are registered and effective, while Longshan Technologies and other five companies are still inquired.

If Ruihua is filed for investigation, what impact will it have on the company?

It is not only the Queuing Enterprises of SCM that are implicated, but also the listing auditing rules of the main board and GEM.

As of July 4, there are dozens of planned listed companies offered audit services by Ruihua, including Beiyang Publishing Media, Tongrentang Group, Wantai Biology and Guoguang Business Chain, which are to be listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange; Huanyu Fire Control and Bona Ying, which are to be listed on the small and medium board market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Industry, Corey Technology, Raytheon Intelligence and Aohai Technologies; and Haineng Industries, Zhongke Haixin, Yingjie Electric Co., Ltd. to be listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

The SFC will impose heavier penalties on Recidivists

The relevant person in charge of the SFC said that the provisions of the Securities Law applicable to intermediaries mainly include articles 223 and 226, but at present the case is still under investigation and still needs to be decided according to the specific circumstances.

Article 223 stipulates that if a securities service institution fails to perform its duties diligently and produces documents with false records, misleading statements or major omissions, it shall be ordered to correct them, confiscate business income, suspend or revoke the business license of securities service, and impose a fine of not less than one time but not more than five times the business income. The person in charge and other persons directly responsible shall be warned, the securities qualification shall be revoked, and a fine of not less than 30,000 yuan but not more than 100,000 yuan shall be imposed.

The head of the above-mentioned SFC said that the SFC would impose heavier penalties on recidivists who have repeatedly touched the laws and regulations of the capital market.

Every decision of punishment will be recorded in the records of honest and trustworthy files, and the record will be kept. Before each subsequent punishment, the integrity files will be inquired to see if there is a record before, which is also the performance of the function of the integrity punishment system. For recidivists who have repeatedly touched the laws and regulations of the capital market, the SFC will impose heavier penalties through the integrity system. The person in charge said.

Source: Guo Chenqi_NBJ9931, responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily