Test-tube babies make Oolong. Asian American couples give birth to other peoples children.

 Test-tube babies make Oolong. Asian American couples give birth to other peoples children.

International Online: An Asian couple in New York, USA, recently filed a lawsuit against a California infertility center. The couple got pregnant through IVF technology, but they gave birth to other peoples children due to the malpractice of the medical center, the BBC reported on July 9.

The BBC quoted US media reports as saying that a court document showed that the couple was shocked to find that the baby was not Asian after giving birth to two boys. The couple said in the lawsuit that DNA tests confirmed that the two boys had no blood relationship with them and that there was no blood relationship between the two babies.

They filed a lawsuit in New York last week accusing the medical center and its two directors of causing medical accidents.

In addition, the couple were forced to give up custody of the two children and return them to their respective biological parents, who were also clients of the same medical center.

Reported that the plaintiff couple A. P. and Y. Z have not been pregnant for many years, so they came to the California CHA infertility center, hoping to give birth through in vitro baby technology. The couple spent more than $100,000, including medical, laboratory and transportation costs.

It is reported that A.P. gave birth to two boys on March 30 this year, after which the couple were shocked to find that neither child had parents of Asian descent.

Before the baby was born, there were signs that something was wrong. Doctors told them that they did not use male embryos, but at a maternity test, they found that A.P. was pregnant with two boys. Doctors allegedly told them that the results of the maternity tests might not be correct, but then A.P. gave birth to two boys.

The CHA Infertility Center said on its official website that it provided top-notch personal care and very responsible.

Lawyers for A.P. and Y.Z. told the BBC that the serious negligence and reckless operation of the CHA infertility center made the couple very painful. The lawyer said: The purpose of our lawsuit is to compensate the customers who have suffered losses and to ensure that this tragedy does not happen again.

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