Reducing the shareholding of these stocks as fierce as tigers and increasing the large capital of these important shareholders (list)

 Reducing the shareholding of these stocks as fierce as tigers and increasing the large capital of these important shareholders (list)

In terms of individual stocks, nearly 300 stocks have been reduced by major shareholders by more than 100 million yuan, of which 19 stocks have been reduced by more than 1 billion yuan. Yaoming Kant has been reduced to over 62 million shares by several important shareholders since this year, with the reference amount exceeding 5.1 billion yuan in the first place. During the same period, there was no significant shareholder increase in the shares. In early May, the company issued a shareholder reduction plan, with the maximum reduction amount exceeding 10 billion yuan. Recently, the company announced that the reduction plan has not been implemented.

PetroChina ranked second on the list of net reduction of major shareholders during the year, with the reduction amount approaching 3 billion yuan. ZTE ranks third with a net reduction of shareholdersholdings of more than 2.3 billion yuan. Sixteen shares of Yanan Bikang, Antarctic E-commerce and Shunfeng Holdings have been reduced by shareholders to more than 1 billion yuan, while 21 shares of Shentong Express, Meinian Health and Jiadu Science and Technology have been reduced by shareholders to more than 500 million yuan.

Compared with nearly 300 stocks which have been reduced by important shareholders by more than 100 million yuan, the number of stocks which have increased by more than 100 million yuan is relatively small, with only 90 stocks. Ping An has become the shareholder with the largest increase in the amount of shares, and has gained a net increase of more than 4.8 billion yuan since this year. Jiangsu Bank ranked second, with a net increase of more than 1.4 billion yuan by shareholders. In addition, Wanda Information, China Foreign Transport, Hengyi Petrochemical, Meijim, TCL Group and other stocks have gained more than 500 million yuan in net increase of shareholders.

Some of the major shareholders have increased their holdings by huge sums, such as Ping An, which has recently hit record highs. However, the latest price of some stocks is even lower than the average shareholder increase price, including some stocks with continuous growth of quarterly net profit.

Data treasure statistics show that 11 of the stocks with net increase of over 100 million yuan by major shareholders and net profit growth in the last years annual report and the first quarter of this year, the latest price of 11 stocks is lower than the average increase of stockholders. Among them, Baoxibi gained net increase of 46.9 million shares by major shareholders, with reference value exceeding 170 million yuan. Based on this calculation, the reference average price of net increase of shareholders is more than 3.65 yuan, and the latest price of the stock is only 3.23 yuan.

Zhengbang Science and Technology soared 4 consecutive days to attract 600 million yuan

According to the latest data, 60 stocks in the two cities rose for more than three consecutive trading days, and four stocks rose for more than five consecutive trading days. The top three stocks rose for the most days were Huachang Chemical Industry (7 days), Huaying Agriculture (7 days) and Ha Gaoke (6 days). The top three stocks with the largest cumulative increase during the period of successive stock rises were Hagaoke (70.82%), Huaxin New Materials (33.12%) and Strong New Materials (33.11%).

It is noteworthy that among the 60 consecutive rising stocks, the net inflow of the main capital during the period of four stocks exceeded 100 million yuan. Among them, the largest cumulative inflow of funds is Zhengbang Science and Technology, and the main capital inflows 609 million yuan.

Dragon and Tiger List Tracking Capital favors these stocks most

On July 9, 171 million yuan was sold for the seats of institutions and business departments in the Dragon Tiger List, of which 14 were purchased and 21 were sold. The top three stocks were Jiuguijiu, Wanwei High-tech and Powerful New Materials. The net purchase amount accounted for 13.56%, 34.39% and 2.99% of the turnover on that day.

From the point of view of capital flow, the net inflows of main funds exceed 10 million and 11 shares are purchased in Longhu List. Among them, the net inflows of Jiuguijiu, Duofudo and Junda shares are the largest. The stocks with the greatest net inflow intensity are Wanwei High-tech, Jiuguijiu and Yaofan New Materials. The net inflow intensity is 50.64%, 28.38% and 23.11% respectively.

Fifteen Stocks Steady Short-term Average Cash Fork

As of July 9, 15 A-share 5-day averages had been actively crossing the 10-day averages. Among them, the 5-day averages of Dailer New Materials, Shengyang Science and Technology, Shandong Gold and other stocks were the most distant from the 10-day averages, reaching 0.85%, 0.65% and 0.55% respectively.

It is worth noting that the net inflows of the main capital of the high-tech enterprises in Anhui, Xingfa Group and Dailer New Materials reached 339 million yuan, 134 million yuan and 332 million yuan respectively.

45 females showed the pattern of swallowing Yang and swallowing Yin

As of July 9, there were 45 stocks in the two cities in the K-line of the day. On that day, Oriental Seiko, Mind Train Control, Shenzhen Datong and so on all closed up by trading. It is worth noting that the net inflows of the main capital of Oriental Seiko, BYD and Mind Train Control are the largest, reaching 117 million yuan, 103 million yuan and 449 million yuan respectively.

Note: Four forms after this information have excluded new shares listed in the past year.

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