The market waited for Powell to speak. Stocks in the United States rose and fell, but oil prices rose sharply at the end of the day.

 The market waited for Powell to speak. Stocks in the United States rose and fell, but oil prices rose sharply at the end of the day.

As of the close, the S&P 500 index rose 3.68 points, or 0.12%, to 2979.63; the Dow Jones Industrial Index fell 22.65 points, or 0.08%, to 26783.49; and the Nasdaq Index rose 43.35 points, or 0.54%, to 8141.73.

In terms of sectors, health care and information technology are leading the way.

Most of the big technology stocks in the United States closed up, with Apple up 0.61%, Amazon up 1.84%, Nai up 1%, Google up 0.67%, Facebook up 1.76%, Microsoft down 0.37%.

U.S. energy stocks rose and fell differently. ExxonMobil fell 0.04%, EOG energy fell 1.18%, Chevron fell 2.18%, Schlumberger rose 0.80%.

Zhongquan shares ended up 0.21%, Beijing East rose 0.59%, Baidu rose 1.41%; Interesting headlines rose 11.72%, Tektronix Feishi rose 11.52%, Tuan Che rose 11.37%, Tiger Securities rose 7.88%, Weilai Automobile rose 5.73%; American Securities fell 22.08%, Dunsen Finance fell 12.44%, Shengshi Leju fell 10.37%, Mushroom Street fell 6.69%.

It is worth noting that Noahs wealth has fallen by more than 2%, and its Goofy assets have stepped on Lei Chengxings international continuous fermentation.

According to wind data, Huck of the Federal Reserve said that if the economy weakens substantially, it will support interest rate cuts; there is currently no weakening of the economy, despite the recent increase in downside risks.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will testify in Congress for two consecutive days starting Wednesday. Before Powells speech, investors seemed reluctant to hold stocks and other riskier assets.

Current market observation tools show that the market thinks the probability of the Fed cutting interest rates on July 31 is 100%, and the probability of cutting interest rates by 25 basis points is as high as 97.5%.

For European stocks, the three major European stock indexes fell across the board. The average price index of 100 stocks in the London Stock Market, the Financial Times, closed at 7536.47 points on the 9th, down 12.80 points, or 0.17%. The CAC40 index in Paris, France, closed at 5572.10 points, down 17.09 points, or 0.31%. The DAX index in Frankfurt, Germany, closed at 12436.55 points, down 106.96 points, or 0.85%.

U.S. oil ended up 1.18% at $58.34 a barrel. In addition, ICEWTI crude oil closed up 1.3% at $58.26 a barrel.

In terms of gold prices, COMEX gold closed down slightly and continued to be below the $1,400 threshold.

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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China is willing to share 5G development opportunities with the world. When Wang Yi met with Polish Foreign Minister Chaptovic in Warsaw on July 8, local time, he pointed out that 5G is a symbol of the progress of human communication science and technology and a result of international cooperation. The development opportunities brought by 5G should be shared by the world, not controlled by a monopoly. China would like to encourage Chinese enterprises to share with other countries the innovative achievements made in the 5G field, and jointly improve the global telecommunications industry for the benefit of the people of more countries.

Yu Biao, deputy director of the Transport Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that the hidden danger of Boeing 737 led to a sharp contradiction between supply and demand of summer transport capacity in some areas. At a press conference on Tuesday, Yu Biao said that domestic airlines have grounded 737MAX8 according to the requirements, and the unexpected reduction of capacity will lead to a certain impact on market supply. It is expected that in some markets, the contradiction between supply and demand of summer transportation may be more prominent.

South Korea and Japan may hold talks on trade differences on July 12. South Korea urged Japan to stop making unfounded statements. A spokesman for the South Korean Foreign Ministry said that South Korea would raise the issue of Japans export restrictions at the WTO meeting. In addition, eight South Korean presidents, Wen Zaiyin, said they would do their utmost to deal with Japans export restrictions.

According to every APP, nearly a quarter of Americans say: I dont want to retire if I havent saved enough money! If the savings are not enough for the elderly, many people may be forced to continue working even at retirement age. According to an Associated Press poll, nearly a quarter of Americans said they did not want to retire, largely because they were not financially prepared.

The U.S. Department of Commerce says it imposes tariffs on Mexican prefabricated steel structures that are exported to the United States. According to China Daily, the US Department of Commerce said on the 8th that it would impose tariffs on Mexican steel products to punish them for unfair subsidies to support domestic manufacturers.

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