The Minister of Labor is involved! Billionaire sex scandal stirred up America

 The Minister of Labor is involved! Billionaire sex scandal stirred up America

Epstein is still unmarried. Before entering the financial industry, he taught calculus and physics at the prestigious Dalton School (kindergarten to grade 12) from 1973 to 1975. In 1976, he transferred to Bear Stearns Investment Bank as a tax strategy consultant and became a corporate partner in 1980. According to USA Today, Epstein founded his own company in 1982, which was mysterious from the beginning. Court documents show that he owns an island called Little St. James, which has homes in Paris, Manhattan, New Mexico and Florida. Among them, Manhattans seven-storey mansion, with 21,000 square feet, was valued at $77 million.

Investigators searched Epsteins Manhattan mansion on the 6th and found hundreds or possibly thousands of pictures of young women naked or partially naked in the safe. Speaking at a press conference, New York Southern District attorney Perman said that Epsteins charges had lasted for years and shocked his conscience. He faces two charges: conspiracy to trade sex and sex trade. If convicted, he faces up to 45 years in prison.

On the afternoon of the 8th, Epstein, dressed in a blue prison uniform and with untidy hair, pleaded not guilty to the judge. In earlier court documents, Epstein described the relationship with the so-called victims as wishful thinking, believing that they were both over 18 at the time of the incident. But according to the indictment, the rich man deliberately targeted minors. The bail hearing will be held on November 11.

In fact, Epstein was charged 11 years ago with luring teenage girls into prostitution. That was the first time his crime was exposed. Under federal law, Epstein could face life imprisonment, but was eventually sentenced to 13 months under state law. And these 13 months are not in prison. Six days a week can be spent in his Palm Beach office under the name of out-of-prison work. After his release, Epstein was registered as a registered sex offender, but the statute was limited to Florida.

The New York Times said on the 8th that why the powerful prosecutors of both parties were so kind was an open mystery so far. The federal judge who oversaw the case was Arcosta, who is currently the Labor Minister of the Trump Administration. The newspaper said that Arcosta helped Epstein arrange a plea agreement, which greatly distorted justice, but he is still at the top.

Acosta said through a spokesman on the 8th that he would not comment. The U.S. Department of Justice did not respond. The Washington Post quoted an anonymous White House official as saying that Trump had no immediate plan to fire Acosta. But if more problems are revealed this week, the situation may change. White House officials fear that Democrats will encourage Epsteins victims to testify in Congress. The Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Pelosi, has appealed on Twitter for Acostas resignation and said Trump knew about the plea agreement when he appointed him.

Trump, however, needs to worry not only about Arcosta, but also about himself. Bloomberg reported on September 9 that Epstein was a member of Haihu Manor, and the two men visited each others home separately. In an interview in 2002, Trump praised Epstein as a great man and said its very interesting to be with him. It is said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many are younger. Later, however, a spokesman clarified in 2015 that Epstein was only one of the guests at Lake Trump Manor. Bloomberg said that if Epstein confessed something about Trump during his trial, the president would have a bad summer.

But Democrats are not alone. Former President Clinton was bombed and used to fly Epsteins private jet and visit his island. On the 8th, Clintons spokesman put the matter aside and said, President Clinton has no knowledge of the terrible crimes Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida in recent years and the crimes he was recently accused of in New York. The statement elaborated on Clintons four trips to Epstein, saying that he had never been to Epsteins small island or Florida residence, and had not spoken to Epstein for more than a decade.

According to Russia Today, both Republican and Democratic politicians in the United States, who are in a political split, are likely to make a fuss about Epstein. The New York Times commented that the rare event delighted both the left and the right in the United States, as if justice had finally arrived. Both sides have reason to believe that if Epstein falls, their political opponents will capsize.

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