Global Times Editorial Review: Dont let outside forces interfere into Hong Kongs ulcer

 Global Times Editorial Review: Dont let outside forces interfere into Hong Kongs ulcer

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo met with radical Hong Kong media founder Li Zhiying on the 8th and discussed with him the Hong Kong Government Amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance and Hong Kong Autonomy. This is widely seen as an extremely rare move by the United States and as an escalation of its interference in Hong Kong affairs.

At about the same time, Hong Kong singer He Yunshi, who is keen to participate in political confrontation, was given the opportunity to speak at the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. She maliciously denigrated one country, two systems and absurdly demanded that the Human Rights Council delist China. Western media have reported this much.

Hong Kong society has the ability to implement the high degree of autonomy granted to them by the Basic Law, and China has the ability to implement one country, two systems to solve the problems arising in this process. Who gave the United States the power to supervise the one country, two systems in mainland China and Hong Kong? When Washington regards Beijing as a strategic competitor and pressures on China as its most prominent strategic consideration, can it take Hong Kongs well-being seriously by allowing it to intervene in Hong Kongs affairs? Can it not torment Hong Kong in order to restrain Beijing?

The extremist opposition in Hong Kong has also failed to find any basis in the Basic Law for externalizing foreign forces to impose self-esteem. To be precise, this is the act of selling Hong Kong and betraying the motherland. It is an attempt to open a bad example of foreign interference in Hong Kongs affairs. History will never leave room for such an operation.

Chief Executive Lin Zheng Yue-e declared on the 9th that the amendment had totally failed and that the new draft Fugitive Offenders Ordinance was dead. She also said that the failure was due to the inadequate grasp of the social pulse by the SAR government and the deviation of political sensitivity. Lets not make a value judgment on this failure, but this result is undoubtedly a reflection of another kind of political system logic in Hong Kong. It fully proves that one country, two systems really play a role and that Hong Kongs high degree of autonomy is effective.

One Country, Two Systems is based on the sincerity and goodwill of the Central Committee and the whole China towards Hong Kong. Its emergence and implementation have a firm constitutional basis and strong political will guarantee. It is not set for opposition. The extremist oppositions self-respect for foreign countries and the intervention of foreign forces are essentially interference with Chinas constitution and challenge to Chinas sovereign political will. From a macro and long-term point of view, this is to turn Hong Kong into the focus of various games between China, the United States and China, which will seriously undermine Hong Kongs prosperity and is intolerable to Chinas sovereignty.

Hong Kong people must clearly understand the strategic risks brought about by external forces stirring up the situation in Hong Kong. We must not allow some people to bring American hostility towards China into Hong Kong affairs as a lever to balance one country and use it to strengthen two systems. China and the United States are playing a big game. We cannot rule out that there will be stormy waves in the future. It will be dangerous for Hong Kong to act as a small boat to take on the storms.

The amendment was initiated by the HKSAR Government, and the withdrawal of the amendment was also the decision of the HKSAR Government. Because it is more about Hong Kongs internal affairs, Beijing has not intervened in the development of the situation. This fully demonstrates Beijings respect for the Basic Law. As outsiders, Washington and London should respect Hong Kongs basic law, the right of Hong Kong people to govern Hong Kong and the central governments power to govern Hong Kong.

In fact, neither Washington nor London can really affect the fate of Hong Kong. They are stirring up the situation and deceiving some people of Hong Kong into trust, thus creating leverage for China in Hong Kong affairs. If they mess up Hong Kong and destroy the citys prosperity as an international financial centre, they wont be distressed. They have both sinister aims and vicious hearts.

The revision of failure has been turned over. Let history discover and summarize the complicated clues and meanings. I hope that the overwhelming majority of Hong Kong people can quickly calm down, return to the normal state of the city, get out of the overheated politics, and bring the economy and peoples livelihood back to the focus. In particular, we should prevent the collusion between the extremist opposition and Western forces such as the United States from becoming an ulcer of Hong Kongs politics, which will do endless harm to Hong Kongs future.

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284