American men want to play with bulls and get stuck in the neck by horns

 American men want to play with bulls and get stuck in the neck by horns

Tuyuan/Associated Press

JULY 10 (Overseas Network) -- Recently, Jamie Alvarez, a 46-year-old American man, wanted to take a self-portrait of himself running with a bull in Spain. But his wish for remembrance eventually became a near-death experience.

Alvarez is a public defense lawyer in Santa Clara County, California, according to the Associated Press on the 9th. Recently, on his way to another city with his wife and daughter, he stopped in Pamplona, Spain, to watch the famous San Fermin Festival. Although his wife and daughter warned him not to take part in the bull race, Alvarez could not resist the atmosphere of the day and joined the crowd. After reaching the finish line, Alvarez wanted to go back to the field and shoot a video to record his experience. Suddenly, a stray bull rushed at Alvarez and put its horn on his neck. It is reported that bulls selected to compete in Pamplona usually weigh about 500-600 kilograms. Its a feeling Ive never experienced before, like being hit by a car or a truck, Alvarez later said. My joy and excitement soon turned into fear.

Alvarez was reported to have been rushed to hospital and undergone emergency surgery. At present, his condition is stable, and he can be discharged from hospital on Tuesday (9) local time. Alvarezs doctor said: Its a miracle that the bulls horn went deep into Alvarezs neck, causing a fracture of his zygoma but not injuring his jugular vein or artery. Alvarez said he still planned to come back to Pamplona to enjoy the festival, but would not participate in the bull race.