Deutsche Telecoms first 5G network service package costs about 85 euros per month

 Deutsche Telecoms first 5G network service package costs about 85 euros per month

DATA FIGURE: 5G. Photographed by Zhang Hengwei

According to reports, Wesner, a board member of Deutsche Telecom, said in Berlin recently that he would start testing 5G networks in Berlin and Bonn, where the groups headquarters is located. He said that by the end of 2019, four more cities will be added to enable more consumers to enjoy faster services. The four cities are Damstadt, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich.

The website of Deutsche Telecom shows that the price of the 5G package without restriction of traffic per month is about 84.95 euros, and the corresponding mobile phone is provided. According to the instructions, the fastest download speed of the package can reach 300 Mbit/s, and the fastest upload speed can reach 50 Mbit/s. The contract period is 24 months. If the contract is not terminated in time before its expiration (three months ahead of schedule), the contract will be automatically extended for 12 months.

It is reported that if you do not want monthly instalments, consumers can also choose a one-time payment model. Users need to pay 799.95 euros at one time, plus 39.95 euros opening fee, a total of 839.90 euros. Other contract conditions, such as unrestricted traffic, termination, Internet speed, etc., are the same as the monthly payment by installments.

Consumers can also order 5G packages on their official website, but it takes a little patience to actually start enjoying 5G speeds. According to Deutsche Telecom, instead of starting 5G service immediately, it will wait until the autumn of 2019.

A spokesman for the company stressed that 5G would be fully launched in the coming weeks. Contract packages, networks and equipment are all ready and waiting for the Federal Bureau of Networks to officially allocate frequencies.

Not long ago, the German Federal Government conducted a 5G frequency auction. Deutsche Telecom and Vodafone bought 130 MHz at 2.2 billion euros and 1.9 billion euros respectively. Telefnica, a Spanish telecommunications company, bought 90 MHz for 1.4 billion euros. Drillisch bought 70 MHz for 1.1 billion euros. Deutsche Telecom said it was waiting for the network bureau to be officially allocated so that the business could start operating.

In the initial stage, consumers ordering 5G services can only access the Internet at 4G speeds in areas where 5G signals are not available, the report said. By the end of 2019, Deutsche Telecom will build more than 300 new base stations in more than 100 cities.

Source: Responsible Editor of China News Network: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850