Cheng Xian Cheng Buddha Cheng Devil: CBA in the eyes of foreign aid

 Cheng Xian Cheng Buddha Cheng Devil: CBA in the eyes of foreign aid

At first he went to the world because of his refuge, and then he failed to return it to Chengxian.

u2014u2014 Taoyuan Xing, Wang Wei [Tang

The daily training of Jiangsu Dragon Team begins with a two-mile run at 5:00 a.m. Then we fixed the coal on the bamboo pole and began weightlifting training. That winter, Spencer, 30, wore gloves and fur coats and trained on an unheated pitch. He had asked for electric shocks on his sore knees, but the trainer brought him acupuncture, car batteries and charging wires.

Obviously, the introduction of overseas players will help to improve the strength of Chinese players. (Question Time: Which NCAAs best player of the year ever wore Zhejiang Taurusdark red jersey with gold? Answer: Taylor-Hansbrow), but the CBA is by no means free to mess around. Apart from some players who come here to regain their competitive status and intend to return to the United States, and some players who come here only for sunrise and sunset, there are still many people who are trying to find stable jobs overseas. They are distributed among 20 teams across more than a dozen provinces and three municipalities directly under the Central Government - from developed coastal areas to Urumqi, Xinjiang, 400 miles from the Kazakh border. They are linked by the same experience.

Nothing, Spencer answered. Youll understand in a few days.

Considering the 26-year-old Mohammeds previous description of Taiyuan, this episode was chosen at the right time: in such a place, the most suitable place to survive is inside the hotel, where he seems to be trapped in a high-level waiting for rescue. Theres nothing to do in this city. Its probably the worst place for CBA, he texted. Theres not even any place to eat. After another text message full of loss, he added three tears.

However, on the way back from Taiyuan Airport, in the most polluted city in the world, Mohammed could hardly see the road through the smoke-covered windows. I want to go home, he told Olunchuck.

The Shanxi Raptors did not impress him any more. Before his first appearance, Mohammed noticed a strange visitor in the dressing room. His cigarette smoked heavily. Who is this? Mohammed asked that this was the chairman of the team and that he could not bear the teams successive defeats. He said,If we continue to lose, everyone has to shave their heads. I thought he was joking, Mohammed said. The next day on the training ground, he saw all the Chinese players and coaches in the team shave their hair.

Taiyuan Binhe Sports Center Stadium is a stadium with 5331 seats and a dome resembling an aircraft hangar. At the beginning of March this year, Shanxi Raptors played Shandong Venus at home. In rap music, a mascot with a big belly and no tap on his head wandered around and chatted with the cheerleaders. More than a dozen security guards stared at an area where fanatical fans gathered in case of another fight. After the start of the competition, when several controversial sentences appeared, the crowd began to shout in Chinese, Silly X! - Silly X!

The slogan was translated by one of the Shanxi teams two translators, who claimed to be Brady, the quarterback he admired most 11,000 miles away. Six rings, Brady said, raising his hand and comparing the numbers of six.

In the first quarter, Mohammed hit a backhand throw. Brady leaned over and said another great name, Jordan with the left hand. Although Shanxi Raptors ranked bottom, Mohammed still played well in CBA, his physical condition improved a lot, and his three-point shooting began to become more accurate. Mohammed scored a Team-High 28 points in January for the Northern All-Star Team in the CBA All-Star Game. Brady pulled out his cell phone and showed the footage of Guo Allen, the only AJ footwear signer, when he played against the Liaoning Flying Leopard Team. Brady said that after the ball, fans began to call Mohammed God.

Sitting next to Brady is Orenchuk. For her, life in Shanxi has its own challenges. A few days before she came, she noticed that long black hair was falling off a lot. Shanxi team doctors told her that it might be a side effect of air pollution, but even so, she was optimistic about Mohammed playing in China. In the NBA, he cant do it himself, she said. Youre the one whos more willing to sit down. Did you make no difference on the bench, or did you do what you liked?

She recently visited the Mongshan Buddha, an amazing statue of 63 meters high, which was carved on the mountain 1400 years ago. Walking along the winding path to the top of the mountain, she and Mohammed stopped in a Buddhist temple, lit incense, knelt on the pu, bowed their heads and prayed for good luck throughout the season.

From Taiyuan to Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, the fastest high-speed railway takes four hours. The train passes through mountains and dusty grasslands, and winding railways through terraces and deep canyons. But every once in a while, a large row of high-rise apartments will appear in the distance, suddenly emerging from the horizon, like toothbrushes, which remind people that the countrys economy is so rapid that they can build anywhere they want to meet peoples needs at any time.

This prosperity also extends to basketball. Silk and porcelain are likely to attract medieval explorers. Today, most of the excellent players who come to China are for money. One broker estimates that the leagues foreign aid earns an average of $1 million a season, some of which can reach $3 million - and because the team pays income taxes for the players, all the figures are put into bank accounts.

In addition, they have more room for salary increases, and contracts usually include bonuses: from away wins to double-digit rebounds. According to NBA China, considering that basketball fans in this country have exceeded the total population of the United States, the situation is not bad: foreign aid usually lives in five-star hotel suites or furnished apartments, they are usually equipped with translators and drivers, and they fly first class (ordinary domestic teammates landed). It is not uncommon for the team management to pay the fare for the family members of foreign aid.

Its one thing to go to China. Its great to have a European Union or G League resume; its better to have a NBA experience; its mandatory to hire a Chinese broker, but its another thing to be famous. Frequent traffic disruptions, poor team doctors, and a lack of Western food (except for fast food chains like KFC), players accustomed to the comfortable environment of the NBA face tests every day.

It may not be called a shrine, but he does use the word to describe it. Really, in Shandong Teams dressing room, its just a very small compartment. As Lawson said, before he joined in August 2017, there were a series of bad problems with the teams referral work, so the players decided to do something, so they never let anyone else use that position again. Its full of oranges, apples, drinks, candies and other tributes. It feels like,This player is terrible,we need to comfort his soul, Lawson said. It feels like attachment.

On a night in Jinan, the 31-year-old was drinking lemon green tea and strolling along a roadside stall. He seems to have escaped the curse of Chinas basketball God on Shandongs foreign aid team. As the NCAA champion at the University of North Carolina, he played 551 NBA games. Lawson started the first season of the CBA and waited until December at home the following year. He hoped to get a base salary contract from the NBA team and eventually returned to Shandong. For him, it was not a difficult choice. Theres a lot of money here, he said.

Lawson not only earned $2 million in less than five months of the season, but also has been working hard to create a sports slipper brand, SLKRS. Earlier, he and two Chinese businessmen discussed selling his products on Amazon and Chinas e-commerce websites. On a recent away trip, he visited the factories used by his company in Guangdong Province. China is very kind to me, he said. Life is so changeable that you just have to let nature take its course.

Of course, there are also some minor annoyances. CBA clothing and sneakers are solely sponsored by Li Ning, a local brand, so the logo of other sports shoes brands must be attached with tape during the competition. For some time Lawson refused to train because the away stadium was not heated. Before the Shanxi game, he had to finish shooting practice in flats and Marvins socks in the morning because his teams suitcase was lost.

But although professionalism has been criticized, Lawson has actually adapted well. In the spring of 2018, he led Shandong to the CBA semi-finals. In the sixth match against Liaoning, he threw a whistle to kill. He and his teammate Ding Yanyuhang, who later joined the solo Ranger team, established deep friendships in 2018 and 2019. Once again we went to a barbecue, Lawson said. He tricked me into eating cowtongue. I was so angry.

We went into a restaurant with his broker/roommate Nick Watkins. Lawson didnt want fried beef tongues this time (as well as secret cheese sweet potatoes and Osaka seafood platter), but ordered chicken and fried rice. In the hoarse of the grill, old friends recalled their early life in China. Its difficult. u201d Lawson said.

This aroused Lawsons memory: They need an American set meal. This is your SIM card, VPN, salt and pepper, and spicy sauce. What else is it?

Cole Aldridge was confused. At the beginning of the season, the 2.11-meter-tall center scored 14 points and 9 rebounds for Tianjin Tianlions first game, which exceeded his NBA average, but his teammates did not fluctuate. When the players were practicing in groups, Aldridge found out that he had been assigned a personal coach, a coachs task. In Aldridges words, Teach me how to play in CBA.

The rhythm here is crazy, and fast and reckless. Since most foreign players are expected to take on the scoring responsibility, they are the focus of every opponents defense. Ive never had a double or triple duo in the whole game before, said Pierre Jackson, guard of Beijing North Control Dragon Team. The 2016 76-mans second round show averaged nearly 40 points per game this season.

Everything happens quickly and patience disappears quickly. Every CBA team is allowed to change foreign players four times before the playoffs, and then two times during the playoffs. If you cant do amazing performances, you can easily be dismissed. Buss said.

Some survived, others were abandoned like Aldridge. After suffering a second-degree cruciate ligament sprain in December, he flew back to Minnesota to recover at Mayo Clinic. Not only did the Tianjin Golden Lion team quickly sign alternative foreign players (Andre Brache, CBA veteran face, former wizard and basketball player), they also stopped paying Aldridges salary and insisted that he fly back to Tianjin for treatment. After four months without pay, Aldridge went to the FIBA court for arbitration.

There is no doubt that lonely God did answer him...

A young Chinese man walks into the Shanghai metro. During the evening rush hour, he crosses the suitcase and stretches his legs. His eyes suddenly stare. Are you Jimmy Frederick? Im a big fan of you. I watch every game of yours.

Frederick leaned on the door, smiled, nodded and agreed to the request for a group photo. Now, his third year in Shanghai is coming to an end. Fans have a long history of worship. In this thriving city with a population of 30 million, Frederick estimates that one in three people will recognize him. If this is true, he may become the most famous white man after Grandpa KFC. Welcome to Asias Loneliness Fever.

This was not the case at the beginning, of course, when he dominated the country at Brigham Young University in the 2010-11 season, he was NCAAs number one celebrity. But five years later, after splitting up with the Development League team of Nicks, he came to Shanghai and faced a lot of dissatisfaction. Everyone looks like,This is the foreign aid youve got? He said, You brought the goods?

As a foreign player, Frederick has great strength and he is kind and willing to integrate here. He uses local social media microblogs in China, and his account is full of pictures of walking on the Bund; Jingan Temple; wife Whitney and daughter Wesley visiting Disneyland in Shanghai. During the Lunar New Year, he exchanged red envelopes with his teammates or sent virtual red envelopes to each other; accordingly, the teammates also used the Chinese way to button the whole cream cake to his face on his birthday.

Although he no longer takes Mandarin classes, he can already speak a little Chinese in the contest, rebound and change! Of course, someone else taught him some dirty words.

So instead of driving, Frederick took the subway to every home game. As he did on the afternoon of the 3rd, he went downstairs in Apartment 16, scanned the code with his mobile phone at the entrance of Line 9, and entered the subway.

With two games remaining, Shanghai will host Nanjing Tongxi Dasheng Team, one of the worst teams in CBA (but the name is very handsome). Due to the admission of special guests, Yuanshen Sports Center has a loud voice. Guided by cameras and microphones, Kevin Garnett appeared in a black jean jacket with a panther dress. Garnett went into the home team dressing room and said something encouraging: Were going to kill them! Understand it!

Frederick scored 38 points, led the team to a 105-70 victory over their opponents. When he came back to the bench, Garnett beat his chest and saluted him, and then left. Later, Fredet expressed his regret that he could not meet after the game, but Garnett asked Fredets brother TJ to say goodbye at halftime, Dont let them think youre at that level, Garnett said to TJ. In two years, hell be ready, just tell him to go on. Hell get more if he wants to.

Beyond that, Lonely God is still... Lonely. Whitney is looking forward to his second child at the end of this month. Wesley can only learn more about his father through FaceTime. A part of him still insists that he can succeed in the NBA, TJ said. The biggest idea is family. Hes all for children.

Frederick has gained much more from CBA than he imagined. He signed a sponsorship contract with a Chinese home brand, a language learning app and sports beverage talons. He is also the only foreign aid with signature shoes at present: Chinese brand 361 degree has released his two Lonely God series of shoes.

Want to see what might happen in China? To Marbury House, in the government area of Tiananmen Square, this self-called mini museum exhibition area opened in December 2015. Thanks to the unimaginable partnership between Beijing Post Service and CBAs most successful Americans. Visitors can not only appreciate Stephen Marburys footprints engraved in gold moulds, but also buy the national stamp issued by the star point guard.

A smiling wax figure receives visitors at the entrance. His bald head is covered with dust under the spotlight. From biceps brachii and many tattoos, it can be seen that the statue of Marbury is wearing the No. 3 shirt of the North Control Team. This is his fourth and final stop in CBA before retiring in 2018. Im honored to tell you my life story, the Welcome Banner says in both Chinese and English, In my 13 years of NBA career, I have played for five NBA teams... But nothing can match my life experience in Beijing.

The museum is free, but it doesnt take long to visit, recalls former Louisville guard Ras Smith, who spent half an hour on his way to Beijing for the second-tier tournament and easily finished visiting the cottage full of trophies, framed objects and other souvenirs from his Brooklyn home in Marbury. u3002 That night, a friend took Smith to a nightclub. Its all Mabries stuff, Ras-Smith said. The Knicksjersey, the Chinese jersey, his shoes are crazy.

Marbury has an apartment in Beijing. He just took a job last week and will be the head coach of his former home team, Beijing North Control Team. And as a counselor of new foreign aid, he gives advice to new people. He invited Smith to dinner and called former NBA guards Poole Jett and Marshal Brooks. Marburys message is, The most important thing is to integrate into culture, and then you can better understand how people behave. Everything is completely different from your habits.

Of course, others are only glad that they have not been laid off.

When the CBA season ends, Lawson hopes to sign an NBA team. But after Shandong team was eliminated in March, the situation did not happen. He continued to stay in China for a long time, visited his shoe factory again, and posted a video on Instagram about making soles online. He seems to have learned well in the Bulltongue Incident. In another video, he wrote, They want me to try the roast lamb.

After the Shanghai team entered the playoffs but was overturned by the Beijing team, Frederick finally got the chance to go home, because of injury, the Phoenix Suns put Loneliness in their rotation four days later - two years earlier than Garnett predicted. He averaged 10.8 minutes per game and scored 3.7 points in six substitute games. But none of the 13 three-point shots hit. In his text message to TJ, he wrote, Im excited about the opportunity to get the sun. Its great to be back in the United States and play with my family.

But how long will it last? Last week, after the Sun refused to continue with his player options, Freddite signed a summer league agreement with the Warriors, but he may still be unemployed before autumn.