Interview with Leshan Xiaozhi: Want to cultivate good seedlings for Chinese football

 Interview with Leshan Xiaozhi: Want to cultivate good seedlings for Chinese football

In fact, for Chinese football, Japanese football has long been no longer mysterious. After all, whenever something big or small happens, Japanese football always occupies the social network of Chinese football circle in various ways for a period of time, which is already normal.

The topic of this talk is also very simple and direct. Talk about Xiaozhis career, Japanese football and Chinese football.

Born in Fushan County, Leshan Xiaozhi became the first Japanese children born in the post-80s Leo. Two years after his birth, the world-wide Little Football Player was born. This animated film swept across Japan at that time, and Leshan Xiaozhi became the first Japanese teenager to be affected.

I like Miyagi Chun.

In the tide of all people obsessed with big wings, Leshan Xiaozhi is firmly fond of Sanshanchun for a simple reason.

Im always different from others. Thats why I came to China.

In 2010, Hayashi Leshan, who also made three arrows in Hiroshima, made a major decision to leave Japan.

Thats the first one!

When I first arrived in Russia, the exotic customs made Leshan a little excited. Himki is located in Moscow. Life in the capital is not too inconvenient. The most impressive thing is that prices are very expensive.

On the other hand, Russian language has become a difficulty. They can not learn much English, Russian is also difficult to learn, I have learned a little, is the negative and positive nouns, but I do not know those letters. Leshan, a linguistic genius, ran into a wall in Russia. Language is very important. If you cant communicate, what about the problems on the court? What if your teammates dont trust the ball?

Leshan, whose career has been frustrated by language, decided to learn Chinese first when he came to China. Now his Chinese is very good. Apart from his accent, Leshan is no different from ordinary Chinese.

My wife and I learn Chinese by ourselves and watch movies and TV plays. Chinese is not easy, but it is simpler than Russian, because Chinese characters are understood by Japanese. When we first came here, although we could not understand everything, we could always guess what it meant when we met Chinese characters.

For Leshan, this job is a new challenge.

Unlike his own football training institute, there are more challenges to face here, and he earnestly makes more solid training plans for the ladder players every day.

There are some things about football that the Chinese still dont understand.

There is an interesting phenomenon in the Chinese league. We often see Korean players from Asian foreign players. Over the years, the number of Japanese players who have played in the Chinese league can be counted with one hand.

Many fans and even professionals have thought about this question, but the answers are not the same. Leshan, who knows the football of the two countries, can be said to be the best person to answer this question.

Like Europe and China, football and education are separated and disconnected. In Japan, football is associated with education. Although there are football schools in China, they are different from Japan.

In Japan, children choose to play football because they are interested. They can also choose something else to learn. Every step up, there will be a lot of people who do not play, like football and play well, they will continue to play as a profession, and pursue higher things.

There are a lot of Japanese players leaving Japan to play football. In fact, European wages are not higher than those in Japan. If there are many leagues with high level and matches, many Japanese players go to Europe.

Football is a culture and needs to be cultivated from an early age.

In the Asian Championship tournament, the Japanese teams that are going to compete against the two Chinese aircraft carrier teams are Puhongdao and Kagoshima Antler. Unlike Shanghai Port and Guangzhou Evergrande, Puhe and Kagoshimas home arent in the core cities of Japan. Even Kagoshimas home is only a remote fishing village east of Tokyo, which is connected with the outside world. Buses are also the only means of public transport.

But the small place, the club is one of the most important signs of the local, In Japan, the pace of life in big cities is fast, and there are many entertainment activities, but in the countryside, people will invest more in what they love. Leshan Xiaozhi said.

Although some cities in Japan seem very small, including the place where I was born, these places can popularize the football culture very well and let the residents nearby participate in football slowly. They also invite some old people to watch football free of charge. Usually, the club also arranges for players to go to places like schools. Activities are also out of respect for local residents, so they have a lot of fans, more and more people like football, more and more people play football, and finally formed the present situation.

Of course, these still need to be nurtured from an early age, and Chinese football still needs some time in this respect. Football culture is to be cultivated from an early age. In addition, in the European league, many amateur teams have their own venues. The situation in Japan is not bad, but it is difficult in China.

Now there are 290 students in Leshan Xiaozhis own football training institute. One of the most headaches for him at the beginning of the establishment of Leshan Football School is the problem of the venue.

Nowadays, it is more and more difficult to find a suitable venue for childrens football training in Shenzhen. It has been mentioned more than once in the news that the stadium in Shenzhen has been shut down for other purposes. Leshan Football School has also encountered such a problem: Our parents and children live in the city, we cant put the venue. Choose the suburbs far away, so the children willing to learn football will be fewer and fewer, because parents are also inconvenient.

If there is no prejudice between China and Japan, it is self-deception.

From the moment Leshan Xiaozhi decided to play football in China, his friends in Japan would throw some questions from time to time. Leshan felt that he was very close to Shenzhen, and he did not regret taking root here.

I told my friends that they must come to Shenzhen if they have the chance. If they can, I will invite them in the future. I believe that as long as they get here, they will understand why I stay here.

Nowadays, Chinese peoples thinking has changed a lot. Many people or families who have gone abroad have changed a lot. Of course, I can also see that some people who have been left behind are still fixed in their own thinking. Therefore, whether Japanese or Chinese, they should go out and see more of the world, broaden their horizons, in order to make better changes.

At present, Leshan Xiaozhi also has a small dream of his own:

I brought out good seedlings in the children, kicked out or won any awards, then I eat and drink very happy.

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