British seizure of Iranian tanker Bolton: Thats good news

 British seizure of Iranian tanker Bolton: Thats good news

According to Reuters website on July 4, British Marines seized a large Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar on July 4. British media said that the tanker violated EU sanctions and attempted to transport oil to Syria. The move provokes anger from the Iranian government and may escalate its confrontation with the West.

Reported that the Grace 1 tanker was seized by the British Navy in the waters of Gibraltar after sailing around Africa. After the incident, the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the British Ambassador to Iran to express strong opposition to the illegal seizure of Iranian vessels.

Meanwhile, Bolton, the US national security adviser, called the British move excellent news. The United States and its allies will continue to prevent Iran from profiting from it, Bolton wrote on social networks.

Bolton, National Security Adviser

British media said that according to the shipping data it inspected, the tanker was carrying Iranian oil, but the documents showed that the oil came from neighbouring Iraq.

The report commented that although Europe has banned oil shipments to Syria since 2011, European countries have never seized oil tankers at sea. Unlike the United States, Europe has no extensive sanctions against Iran. This is the first time that European countries have publicly taken such a positive action. Matthew Oresman, a partner and international law expert at Piersbury-Winthrop-Shaw-Pitman Law Firm, said: I think that given NATOs military presence, this could be a deterrent.

At the same time, British media believe that the incident may be linked to the recent U.S. action to prevent Iranian crude oil exports, which Iran has been calling an illegal economic war. (Compiler/Vernon)

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