Visiting the Armys first womens missile company is not so cool!

 Visiting the Armys first womens missile company is not so cool!

They come from the armys first womens missile company and have been reported by the major media. From the heroic female soldiers to the elite soldiers of the patriotic army, from the mixed platoon drawn from various professions to the one-specialty and multi-abilities of the restructured company, they show the fine qualities of the female soldiers and the style of the times, and are praised as beautiful and strong roses by their comrades in arms.

They have been confused, brilliant and silent... When the aura fades away, they not only stand proudly against the wind, but also bury their roots deep in the ground to absorb nutrition. In the early summer of next year, roses will blossom all over the mountains.

In the tide of reforming the powerful army, these young women soldier stick to their original intention and carry their mission like a mountain. They have been riveted in the battle position, they have been accumulating strength.

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Warm the Military Heart with Love

Under the missile vehicle, Lin Ying looks particularly petite. Her hand rested on the cartridge, like on the shoulder of an old comrade-in-arms.

The recruits would listen to Lin Yings stories when they first went down, even though she could not remember how many times she had told them herself. Nevertheless, Lin Ying still speaks very carefully every time. In March 2013, Lin Ying was the first batch of fighters to go to the Womens Missile Company. Some of her comrades-in-arms have retired and others have stepped up. She has always taken root in the company and become an old soldier. From the mixed arrangement of personnel drawn from various units to the restructured womens missile company, she told stories of the company as many as a treasure.

She is a walking dictionary and our heirloom. The company commander laughed and said, From the company commander to the soldier just under the company, they have more or less been assisted by her.

Feng Lifang, a female soldier, remembers the scene when she first joined the army. Under the huge missile launcher, Lin Ying, the squad leader, stood up with a slightly raised abdomen, explaining the professional points for the new fighters. At that time, the company was just in the time of organizational restructuring, unit defense, equipment replacement, talent faults, as the companys only professional backbone of loading, just in the gestation of Lin Ying again stood out. Despite the opposition of her family, Lin Ying insisted on going to the training ground and bringing her new comrades to train together. It wasnt until seven months of pregnancy, fearing that noise and radar radiation were harmful to the fetus, that she took time off to go home for delivery.

In the womens missile company, many new soldiers will jokingly call Lin Ying Lin Ma, because she is not only the mother of a child, but also because she always cares about company comrades like a mother.

Qins poetry often comes to Lin Yings family to visit. She said, When I enter the monitors door, I find the feeling of home. It turned out that Qins poetry had just come down a few days before her birthday. Her parents traveled to the army station and wanted to see their daughter by the way. Qins poetry was deceived by Lin Ying to his home on the pretext of class dinner. When the door was opened, Qins poetic tears came out, because the familiar figure beside the stove was the mother who cooked longevity noodles for her. On that day, Qin Shihua finished the bowl of longevity noodles with tears and laughter. Since then, Lin Yings family has become her second home.

Lin Ying insisted on giving new recruits titles every year. This is a ceremony and a kind of inheritance. On the day she was awarded the title six years ago, Lin Ying especially hoped that the Deputy monitor would give her the title, because the Deputy monitor had been taking extra care of her. But on that day, when the Deputy monitor was temporarily absent, Lin Ying kept her eyes fixed on the direction of the door, hoping that the Deputy monitor would give her a surprise. Suddenly, a familiar figure rushed in. When the Deputy monitor stood in front of her and gave her the title, she was instantly grateful with tears in her eyes. Faced with the bright red flag of August 1st Army, she took over the inherited fire for the first time.

From seed to seed cultivation, Lin Ying has created brilliance, experienced pain and witnessed history. As the companys instructor said, Shes here. The spirit of the womens missile company is there. Shes here. The fire of the womens missile company wont go out.


The Seed of Inheritance Spirit

Wang Ensheng, Director of Political Work Department of an Air Defense Brigade

The company of the past gradually became unfamiliar, the comrades of the past slowly left, Lin Ying was always there, not moved. She is a seed of obscurity and willingness to sacrifice. She hides the company fire in her heart and breeds an indelible inheritance.

Win if you shoot

One minute on stage, ten years off stage. Fu Xiaoyus eyes always have a kind of strength to refuse defeat and dare to be more real.

On the stage, she shines with vigor and youth, accompanied by the rhythm of music. Sometimes her steps are as gentle as spring swallows wings, and sometimes she is as cheerful and exciting as drum beating. At this years Southern Frontier Vanguard party, under the leadership of Fu Xiaoyu, 12 young girls conquered all the audience with Sequence Kill.

When he joined the army, Fu Xiaoyu was very strong. He always competed for the first place in military training. Every time we get to the runway, it is like a breeze under our feet, often leaving many male soldiers behind. Three kilometers, 12 minutes and 100 sit-ups made some men sweat.

When I first started my major, it was very hard to lift an iron cushion because of my small size. Looking at her petite figure, the male soldier of the same profession jokingly said, Little fish, in the face of such a big man, you have no way this time. Who knows this, actually inspired Fu Xiaoyus fighting spirit. Three months later, higher! Fu Xiaoyu responded.

From scratch, she practices operations and skills, memorizes professional theories in a bit of time during the day, and often works overtime till very late at night. She majored in search and stared at the radar screen for 5 or 6 hours every day. Her eyes were often red and swollen and her tears were running. She also forced herself to lift weights with 50 kilograms of iron cushion wood every day. She was too tired to hold chopsticks. A few months later, she not only excelled in her professional performance, but also in her military training in peacetime, which made her comrades admire her.

At the beginning of this year, the group army recruited programs from various units, and the company honorably represented the brigade in the recruitment. Time is tight and the task is heavy. Within two weeks, there will be a boutique from scratch. Just when the instructor was at a loss, Fu Xiaoyu took the initiative to pat his chest and said to the instructor, Give it to me, I can do it.

From that moment on, Fu Xiaoyu grasped every bit of time and wrote, directed and directed himself. It took less than a day to decide who to choose and what to do. However, things are far from as smooth as we imagined. When choreographing dances, people disagreed, and many comrades were half-hearted in their performances, which directly led to the failure of the first rehearsal. The head of the propaganda section said something like a needle in her heart: If the program is at this level again, then wait for it to be replaced. This thoroughly stimulated Fu Xiaoyus refusal to lose. She said to her teammates, Even if we climb, we will climb the stage of the group army.

In the next week, Fu Xiaoyu riveted vigorously. In order not to delay the daily military training, before dawn, they got up and rehearsed several hours before the military training. One afternoon, after seven rehearsals, a comrade-in-arms complained, Little Fish, why are you so stubborn? Fu Xiaoyus face sank and said, If we dont, we will win, and we will win beautiful. Ultimately, with this momentum, Fu Xiaoyu and his comrades-in-arms performed the program and won the unanimous praise of the audience.

Gandang screw

01, 01, after the investigation and search, everything is normal, occupy the launching position! The radio gave instructions and a company commanders voice came from the walkie-talkie. The chariot started and roared toward the position. Special vehicle driver Feng Lifang stepped on the accelerator and drove the launch guidance vehicle into the position. Feng Lifang estimated the distance in her heart, stepped on the brake with one foot decisively, and with a harsh sound of friction, the chariot stopped precisely.

The battalion commander pressed the stopwatch in his hand for 13 seconds, and all the comrades next to him applauded. The comrades joked, Our Master Feng is a real old driver.

When she first joined the army, she looked exactly the same as she is now. The instructor took a picture of Feng Lifang before she joined the army. Feng Lifang in the photo is charming, white and has a sweet smile. However, this once very fashionable female soldier, in order to penetrate the structure of the bottom of the car, wrenches all day long, his face is often covered with oil stains. The comrades laughed that she was a screw riveted on the chariot and never stopped.

The road is under your feet, the dream is ahead. The steering wheel of special vehicles is difficult to control. In order to make her wrist more flexible to adapt to the steering wheel, Feng Lifang practiced bending the steering wheel over and over again, sometimes her palms were worn. The opportunity of getting on the bus is limited. How can we improve the flexibility of wrist in a short time? Feng Lifang and dough are more energetic. She finds the head of the cooking class and follows the head of the class to learn to knead dough. Sometimes she brings dough back to her dormitory for practice. During an internal examination, the company commander touched her bedside, a sticky thing and dough at first sight. The company commander asked, whats the matter? Feng Lifang said embarrassingly, This is my magic weapon for car training, which made the company commander laugh and cry.

Troubleshooting is a necessary skill for a driver of a special vehicle. Feng Lifang carefully studied a theoretical textbook, circuit diagrams, oil mechanism mapping and special combat driving manual. Once, the manufacturers master wanted to come to the unit to debug the equipment. Feng Lifang heard the news and sorted out the problems she didnt understand in her daily life. As soon as the master comes, she will be with the manufacturer. When inspecting the rear wheel side transmission box of the car bottom, the master found a problem. The dust-proof sleeve of the transmission shaft was cut off, two connecting gears fell off and were exposed outside. Feng Lifang burst into tears, thinking that it was her improper operation. Dont cry, little girl! Hearing Feng Lifangs sobbing, the teacher quickly comforted him by saying, This is caused by the aging of the washer, not your problem. Feng Lifang wiped her tears and picked up her tools and got into the bottom of the car.

Some comrades said she was too serious. Feng Lifang did not take it seriously: If you dont ask about your equipment in peacetime, it will turn a blind eye to you when it comes to the battlefield.

During last years cross-regional exercise, Feng Lifang, as the driver of missile launching guidance vehicle, personally drove her war horse to the desert. She said, If you cant make a sharp knife on the battlefield, you are willing to make a screw riveted on the battlefield position.


Persistence is the best interpretation

He Qingqing, a company instructor

Feng Lifang is like an obscure screw. She sticks to her position and never flinches. She believed that only by tightening each screw in an ordinary position could the sharp knife of the company be hardened and steeled better. With perseverance and perseverance, she interprets the true meaning of soldiers.

Always on the way

The comrades said that Shaylin was a Iron Man to the letter. See her, but let people wonder, why in front of this small, thin female soldier, can win such men praise.

When she rolled up her sleeves and pulled up her trouser legs, there were several scars, big and small. The scar of a soldier is a medal, because it is carved into flesh and blood and becomes the greatest glory on the way to win. The deep scar on her right arm impressed Shaylin and made her proudest.

In her first year in the army, she caught up with the brigade to organize a professional missile competition. As a recruit, she competed with many old class leaders without fear. When climbing the missile launcher, because of too much force, Shaylings right arm knocked heavily, instantly blood. The doctor asked her to withdraw from the competition immediately for treatment. She shook her head in pain and said, Im all right! When Shayline finished the operation, the referee on the spot reported 28 seconds, first place! Warm applause rang from the audience.

In fact, before she joined the army, she was also a timid and weak girl. After arriving at the company, a series of inspiring combat spiritual lessons, one class leader with tiger spirit and one after another field survival training have created a strong spiritual armor for her.

In tactical training classes, women soldiers wear helmet, rifle and mud every day, and change their camouflage clothes almost every day. One day, as usual, she set up weapons with her comrades-in-arms. Just as she was about to get on the bus, an accident happened. Suddenly, the buckle of the reflector loosened and hit her head-on in the mouth. Suddenly, her mouth was covered with blood, and her comrades-in-arms were startled. At this time, Cheryl ignored the pain in her mouth, dropped a sentence No hindrance, and quickly proceeded to the next action. Later, doctors diagnosed that Shaylines two front teeth were broken, leaving less than a third.

In the summer of 2018, the heat wave hit the earth. In order to prepare for cross-regional exercises, the women soldiers were armed every day and trained in the hot sun above their heads. In an intensive training, female soldiers must squat in the grass to be on guard. At that time, the earth was hot and impatient. For a long time, a comrade-in-arms could not hold on and simply collapsed on the ground. She encouraged her comrades to persevere. She rolled up her trousers legs and saw that she had broken her knees. The camouflage pants had been sticking to the coagulated blood. Thats what I did, and I didnt cry out for pain. Lets stick to it. We cant be upset. She said.

At that time, there were blisters on hands and feet, and pants were worn with holes and smelled of sweat, but none of these could stop us from moving forward. Looking back on the past scenes, Chailin still remembers vividly. Time after time, hard and dangerous, time after time head-on, winning in the road, Chaplin has been moving forward...


Will is like iron and steel

Liu Qi, a battalion instructor

Iron Man Shairin is not made of steel. However, when facing the pain and difficulties, she pursues victory with perseverance that never shrinks back and never gives up. Men and women are indiscriminate in the battlefield, and those with strong will can win the final victory.

Excellent as their male colleagues

Cheng Zhenhuan

There are no two identical leaves in the world. Can you imagine that in the same world, with the same youth, there are a group of women soldiers who live different lives from most girls? What would they choose if they did it again?

In front of the flag, they would not hesitate to say, This is the best choice. Before enlisting in the army, some of them were graduates from key universities, some were policemen who safeguarded the stability of one side, and some were school flowers which attracted much attention. For a camouflage dream, they give up what they see, cut their long hair, wade into the mud, and hung colors.

Four women soldiers, who are only girls with an average age of about 20 years, were selected for this study. In their spare time, they also share snacks and cosmetics, and they also like the feeling of shopping. But wearing military uniforms, they are the fire seekers who stick to their posts, the Iron Man who never give up, the little fish who are both civil and martial arts, and the skilled drivers of war vehicles. With loyalty, they polished the gold-lettered sign of the first woman missile company of the army. With the determination to win, they shouted the slogan Do not fear the strong enemy, do not let your brow and interpreted a different kind of youth in the green barracks.

Under the huge missile launcher, they lean against the sky with their tiny bodies. At that moment, we forgot their gender! The battlefield is not divided into men and women, they jointly deduce the story of irresistible, they use action to show the most beautiful struggle of youth.

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