Warning Iran before Prime Minister F-35: My fighter plane can hit you

 Warning Iran before Prime Minister F-35: My fighter plane can hit you

[Global Times correspondent in Iran and Egypt, Bao Xiaolong Huang Peizhao] Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned in his latest remarks against Iran on 9 July that Israeli fighter planes could reach anywhere in the Middle East, including Iran.

Israels Jerusalem Post reported Thursday that while inspecting air bases equipped with F-35 fighter jets, Netanyahu criticized Irans recent breakthrough of the uranium enrichment limit as very dangerous and said that Israeli warplanes could reach Iran.

On 9 July, the chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Mohamed Bagheri, pointed his finger at Britain, saying that the illegal detention of Iranian oil tankers by Britain in the Strait of Gibraltar was inevitable and that Tehran would respond to Britains despicable acts when necessary.

According to the Iranian Tehran Times reported on the 9th, Bagherry said the same day that Iran will use all political and legal forces to ensure the release of the detained tanker. Irans enrichment of uranium has exceeded the 3.67% limit stipulated in the Iranian nuclear agreement, Iranian news and television reported Tuesday, Iranian Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Kamal Vandi said on the 8th. Increasing the enrichment of uranium to 20% and increasing the number of centrifuges are the next options for Iran to reduce its commitment to the Iranian nuclear agreement. Now Iran does not need 20% enriched uranium, but when we need it, we will produce it. When we produce more enriched uranium, we have no technical barriers. Irans parliament chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Farahat Pish, said that Iran could develop enriched uranium with enrichment of more than 20%, or enriched uranium with enrichment of 90%.

Kamelavandi also stressed that increasing the number of centrifuges is Irans third step in reducing its commitment to the Iranian nuclear agreement, among which restarting IR-2 and IR-2M centrifuges is an option. The European signatories to the Iranian nuclear agreement should take prompt action to fulfil their relevant commitments. Otherwise, Iran will continue to reduce its commitment to the Iranian nuclear agreement.

Reuters commented on the 9th that compared with the latest threat from Kamal Vandi, Irans approach in the past week to make its uranium stocks exceed the ceiling set by the Iranian nuclear agreement is just a little fuss. However, when it comes to the measures to be taken, Tehran seems to be deliberately ambiguous in order not to completely overthrow the Iranian nuclear agreement. Kamelavandi did not specify what level of enriched uranium might be raised or how many centrifuges would be considered to restart. He did not mention other more advanced centrifuges.

The US Cable News Network (CNN) reported on the 9th that the threat from Iran has brought new pressure to European countries. US President Trump held a telephone conversation with French President Mark Ron on the 8th to discuss efforts to ensure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons. Vice President Burns warned that Iran should not confuse American restraint with a lack of determination. A French presidential palace official said French President Mark Longs senior diplomatic adviser arrived in Tehran on the 9th in an attempt to ease tensions.

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Ding Xunwei_NBJS8671