China Maritime Police Bureau opened 95110 Maritime Alarm Telephone on July 10

 China Maritime Police Bureau opened 95110 Maritime Alarm Telephone on July 10

Mapping by China Maritime Police

Reporter Zhou Mengshuang learned from China Maritime Police Bureau that in order to better exercise the power of maritime law enforcement, facilitate the service of the people and improve the efficiency of receiving and handling police, China Maritime Police Bureau opened 95110 maritime alarm telephone, which was officially launched on July 10.

According to the introduction, according to the Decision of the Third Session of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress on the Exercise of Law Enforcement Functions for Maritime Protection by the China Maritime Police Bureau, it is clear that the China Maritime Police Bureau mainly undertakes seven law enforcement duties: combating illegal and criminal activities at sea, maintaining maritime public order and security, exploiting and utilizing marine resources, and marine ecological environment. Protection, management of marine fisheries, anti-smuggling at sea, and coordination and guidance of local maritime law enforcement.

The 95110 maritime alarm telephone will be set up in China Maritime Police Bureau and the coastal provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. It will be on duty for 24 hours in accordance with the principle of territorial jurisdiction and nearby police. 95110 can be dialed directly in the country and the offshore areas covered by the communication network, and 010-68995110 can be dialed by international long distance or maritime satellite telephone in the offshore areas beyond the coverage of the communication network.

It is understood that 95110 alarm platform mainly accepts the scope of alarm assistance is:

1. Criminal cases and public security cases (incidents) at sea;

2. Smuggling cases (acts) occurring at sea;

3. Illegal reclamation, unauthorized alteration of the use of sea areas, unauthorized development and utilization of uninhabited islands, unauthorized or unauthorized operation of submarine cable pipelines and destruction of submarine cable pipelines;

4. Destruction of marine nature reserves (coastline to the sea side) and other acts;

5. Ocean engineering construction projects, marine dumping of waste causing damage to marine environmental pollution and other acts;

6. Illegal and irregular fisheries activities and fishing disputes occurring outside the prohibited fishing area line of bottom trawl of motor fishing vessels and fishing grounds of specific fishery resources;

7. Other alarms or calls for help that need to be handled by the maritime police.

(Originally titled China Maritime Police Bureau Opens 95110 Maritime Alarm Telephone)

Source: Responsible Editor of Pengmei News Network: Yao Wenguang_NN1682