A large number of well-known weapons were born in the China Lake base of the United States after a strong earthquake.

 A large number of well-known weapons were born in the China Lake base of the United States after a strong earthquake.

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] The recent South California magnitude 7.1 earthquake forced the closure of the nearby U.S. Navys China Lake weapons testing base. Many of Americas elite weapons have been tested at a mysterious base whose name seems to have something to do with China.

According to the book An Overview of US Global Military Bases, the Naval Aviation Weapons Center of China Lake is the largest weapon development and test base of the US Navy, located at the western end of California Mojave Desert. It is said that China Lake was named because of the gold rush in California in the 1970s, when a group of Chinese workers could not bear the abuse of American mining companies and fled to the dry lake bed and settled down, hence the name China Lake.

According to domestic media reports, the China Lake base covers an area of 4380 square kilometers. It is surrounded by the Shera Mountains and the barren Mojave Desert. But it also has the characteristics of vast, remote and good weather. It is surrounded by vast desert with no obstruction of sight and flying sky. The gas environment is very ideal. It is not only suitable for weapon testing and evaluation, but also an ideal place for complete weapon research and development. It is also very suitable for secret weapon equipment research and development and testing. There is a saying that even if a 500,000-pound bomb is detonated, it will not be detected because the test site is isolated from the rest of the world, while the bomb that is normally dropped freely weighs 2,000 pounds.

China Lake has been one of the Pentagons best scientific research centers since 1943 and the largest weapon test base for the U.S. Navy, according to a domestic aerospace magazine. Every year, the unit undertakes heavy testing tasks of fighter planes, missiles and other weapons. Today, the Naval Aviation Weapons Center has made great contributions to the birth of a large number of new weapons in the United States, including rattlesnake air-to-air missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles, laser-guided bombs and JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Ammunition), as well as such as AGM-62 White Star Eye, AGM-45 Mockingbird, AGM-88 Ham, AIM.- 54 Dead Birds, AIM-7 Sparrows, AGM-65 calf and other famous weapons. In addition, many well-known fighter planes are also tested here.

At present, the China Lake base not only undertakes the research, testing and evaluation tasks of the U.S. Navy, but also serves as the base of the Weapons Department of the Naval Air Combat Center. Two air test and evaluation squadrons and the Marine Air Detachment are also deployed here. This means that the China Lake base can complete the whole process from weapons development to testing to actual combat. In addition to weapons, the test areas here include electronic warfare systems (EW), threat warning systems, night attack systems and electromagnetic experiments. (Fu Qiuyu)

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Yao Wenguang_NN1682