Russia and India want to sign a large list of sea, land and air weapons not affected by US sanctions

 Russia and India want to sign a large list of sea, land and air weapons not affected by US sanctions

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Russian officials have revealed that Russia and India plan to sign large arms orders in various fields, including land, sea and air. At present, the related arms orders amount to nearly 14 billion US dollars. Russian military experts say that although India also buys weapons from the United States, Russia is Indias main supplier of weapons and has increased Indias weight on the international stage.

Russian news agency reported on the 9th that Vladimir Drorov, deputy director of the Russian Military Technical Cooperation Bureau, told reporters the same day that Indias order for Russian weapons and technical equipment was about 14 billion US dollars. Including some promising joint venture projects, joint production of Bramos missile plant, the establishment of joint ventures to produce Ka-226 helicopters and Kalashnikov assault rifles. With regard to the S-400 air defense missile system sold by Russia to India, he said that Russia hoped to receive an advance payment from India for the purchase of the S-400 system by the end of this year, so that delivery could begin in 2020 and be completed in 2025. In early October 2018, Russia and India signed an S-400 military purchase contract amounting to $5.43 billion.

Russias Tass News Agency reported Tuesday that Drorov said the US sanctions pressure would not affect Russias participation in Indias weapons and equipment projects. If Russia wins the bid, 110 fighter planes will be provided to India. Earlier, Omega said that Russias latest MiG-35 fighter aircraft participated in the Indian Air Forces tender for the purchase of 110 aircraft. For the six submarines India is bidding for, Drorov said Russia has proposed to India to build a joint submarine and equip it with a Bramos missile. Russias bidding plan is Amur class 636 and 1650 submarines. He also suggested that Russia and India should jointly develop the Soviet-57 fighter aircraft. We are ready to provide our Indian partners with appropriate plans. In addition, India will purchase 18 new Su-30MKI fighters from Russia, and the related applications are under study. At the same time, Russia is discussing a series of applications to provide weapons and equipment to India. Earlier, Russia had received a proposal to provide 20 modernized and upgraded MiG-29 fighters. India also wants to buy about 450 T-90 tanks. Russia and India also reached agreement on how to solve the supply contract of 11356 frigate, and made progress in implementing the joint project of Ka-226T helicopter and Russian AK-200 assault rifle. The Russian-Indian joint venture will supply more than 600,000 AK-203 assault rifles to the Indian army. (Liu Yupeng)

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Yao Wenguang_NN1682