China donated Sri Lankan frigate to Colombo

 China donated Sri Lankan frigate to Colombo

Lieutenant General De Silva, Sri Lankan Navy Commander, thanked China for its assistance in the subsequent welcoming ceremony. He said that Sri Lankas maritime security is facing various challenges, and illegal elements are engaged in illegal activities such as drug trafficking and smuggling in the Sri Lankan sea area. The addition of P625 will help strengthen Sri Lankas navys ability to maintain maritime security.

Cheng Xueyuan, the Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka, said that China and Sri Lanka have been good friends and neighbors since ancient times. The Chinese government and people will, as always, stand with the Sri Lankan government and people in combating all criminal acts, including terrorism.

The P625 frigate was originally built in 1994 as the Tongling of the Chinese Navy. As one of the most advanced members of the Sri Lankan Navy, the P625 frigate will be mainly used for ocean patrol, environmental monitoring and anti-piracy missions in the future.

According to the information released by the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, the Chinese Navy has previously provided professional training for 110 Sri Lankan naval officials and sailors, and will provide further training according to the needs of the Sri Lankan side in the future.

Source: Ding Xuwei_NBJS8671, responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency