Bazaar wanted Cuckoo + Dunbelle for Neymar! I dont want to pay any more money.

 Bazaar wanted Cuckoo + Dunbelle for Neymar! I dont want to pay any more money.

Leonardo, director of sport in Paris, made it clear yesterday that Paris was willing to let Neymar go as long as the money was in place. He also admitted that he had made preliminary contacts with Barcelona. Now, it depends on whether the two sides can negotiate the transfer fee. The Marca newspaper pointed out that Pariss price tag for Neymar exceeded 222 million euros, while Barcelona believed that he was not worth 200 million euros. ESPN said Paris demanded 150 million euros plus Semedo, while Barcelona preferred Cutinio to be included in the deal, with Brazils front waist valued at 110 million euros.

Sports News of the World today pointed out on its front page that Barcelona could never pay Neymar a full transfer fee. Barcelona was only willing to complete the transfer with money and people. Barcelona also had to raise money to buy Gritzman 120 million euros in liquidated damages, and the Red and Blue Corps could not spend too much cash on Neymar. The Daily Sports Daily even pointed out that Barcelona wanted to trade Cutinio and Denberet for Neymar, and that Barcelona did not want to pay even one euro. When they were introduced, Barcelona spent 305 million euros. Will Barcelona compensate or make a profit for the exchange of Neymar?

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