Arsenal are interested in signing Real Madrid Disappointment 7 at a discount of 18 million pounds.

 Arsenal are interested in signing Real Madrid Disappointment 7 at a discount of 18 million pounds.

Arsenals failure to qualify for the Champions League in the new season has resulted in a transfer budget of only 40 million for the club this summer. Previously, Arsenal had sought Zaha, but their low offer angered Crystal Palace Club, while the other two targets, Fraser and Kalasco, were gradually moving away because of Arsenals lack of money. However, the Mirror revealed that Real Madrid are willing to sell Mariano to Arsenal at a low price.

Mariano, 25, from Real Madrid, joined Lyon in the 2017-18 season and scored 21 goals in all competitions. Real Madrid bought Mariano back for 33 million euros last summer and handed him Ronaldos No. 7 jersey. But Mariano was only a forward substitute at Real Madrid, scoring three goals in 13 appearances in La Liga last season. Real Madrid signed a number of strong players this summer, Marianos space has been further reduced, has been included in the cleaning list.

According to the Mirror, Real Madrids price for Mariano is only 18 million pounds, which Arsenal can afford. After Villebecks contract expires this summer, there are also many transfer rumors about Lakazette and Obamayan. If Mariano can be signed, Arsenal manager Emery will not worry about the unavailability of the front line.

However, there are many teams interested in Mariano, and Arsenals London Derby rival Spurs are interested in signing him as a substitute for Cain instead of Llorente. In addition, Roma and AC Milan in Serie A also want Mariano, but they only want to rent, while Real Madrid want to sell Mariano directly to balance the revenue and expenditure.

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