What you know about skin care is wrong.

 What you know about skin care is wrong.

Skin does not require deep cleansing


They have looked for all kinds of deep cleaning methods that look reliable. They are committed to regularly removing horniness, using cleanser to clean pores and grow various kinds of cleansing and removing facial mask.


Common cosmetic smears and air pollutants can only adhere to the skin surface, and hardly penetrate deep into the skin.

Our cuticle has a powerful barrier function. Various components want to play a role, mainly depends on the molecular weight of external substances, the larger the molecular weight, the more difficult it is to penetrate the cuticle. However, the molecular weight of cosmetic particles and atmospheric pollutants is too large to penetrate the cuticle [1].

Therefore, under normal circumstances, advocate clean water or mild facial cleanser. If the temperature is hot, the working and living environment is poor, the use of sunscreen or powder, grease cosmetics, or other special circumstances, you need to use cleansing products [3].


Moisturizing is one of the important steps of skin care. Cosmetic water is the first choice for many people to moisturize. Businessmen will also publicize that it can replenish water, regulate the acidity and alkalinity of skin, and clean twice, etc. But in fact, the moisturizing effect of cosmetic water is not good.

Moisturizing with makeup water alone is not enough.

In fact, cosmetic water is a general term for skin softener, toner and moisturizing water. These products mainly lie in the differences in composition.

Even in the make-up water, hyaluronic acid, pan alcohol, glycerin and other hygroscopic ingredients are added. Due to the lack of Vaseline and other sealants, the moisturizing capacity of the make-up water is still very weak, and the moisturizing effect is not as good as that of the cream. Therefore, the Department of Dermatology doctors will recommend moisturizing products with cream texture after washing the face.

In order to emphasize the function of exfoliating and deep cleaning, some cosmetic water often adds some alcohol or fruit acid, which is not suitable for the use of sensitive muscles. Before using, we should look at the ingredient list or other peoples evaluation before deciding.

A female star once shared her skin care experience in the program, saying that her secret of skin care is to apply the mask all the time. Many people began to follow this pattern, hoping that after a period of time, their skin will be as white and clean as a star.

However, the water replenishment effect of the cuticle is very short. If moisturizing products are not used immediately to prevent water evaporation, the water content of the cuticle can be reduced by one-third to one-half in three minutes.

Ladies facial mask is mainly used to make articles on recipes. But for cost reasons, the functional ingredients added to a 20-30g mask are not like the cream and cream of the series. Whether it can play a theoretical role is really a more mysterious thing.

Therefore, mask is not a necessity. If you enjoy that exquisite life, it is best not to exceed two times a week. After finishing the mask, it is best to clean the face with water and immediately put on moisturizing products.


Sunscreen is not sunscreen index is the higher the better

When choosing sunscreen, people always think that the sunscreen index is always good, so SPF50 must be better than SPF30.

Generally, there are two indices in our common sunscreen products - SPF and PA. SPF indicates the ability of sunscreen products to prevent sunburn, and PA indicates the ability of sunscreen products to prevent sunburn. SPF is only discussed here.

But such a choice is a little worthwhile. With the increase of SPF value, the protection rate of medium-wave ultraviolet (UVB) is indeed improving, but the improvement is not much, but the sunscreen is more white and sticky.

In addition to the worse skin sensation, the sunscreen with high SPF value is more complex and concentrated, and the corresponding concentration absorbed into the whole body after use will be higher and the risk of allergy will be greater [5].

The FDA and CDC recommend daily use of SPF 15-30 sunscreen [6] [7].

Compared with the pursuit of SPF value, we put more emphasis on the adequate application of sunscreen. Only the amount of 2 mg/cm2 can provide protection against SPF value index. That is to say, the total amount needed is about the same as the amount squeezed in the palm of a coin. You know, most people use only half or less of the recommended amount of sunscreen in their daily life [8].

Therefore, the core technology of sunscreen is to apply enough sunscreen.

Erythromycin ointment is useless for acne elimination

In the treatment of acne, clinicians seldom use erythromycin for external use. Instead, they use more effective external antibiotics such as clindamycin, and occasionally use 2% or 3% erythromycin preparations [10].

Therefore, the best treatment for blackpox aliens is to see a dermatologist when blackpox occurs, and determine the appropriate medication plan according to the specific situation.

Beauty makeup


Colorants refer to natural or synthetic pigments and mica powder, which can give lipstick a different appearance [12], generally accounting for only 4-8% of the total weight [13]. In the absence of modern industry, it is possible to contain heavy metals in colorants, such as cinnabar, which contains lead and mercury.

Therefore, each country has corresponding safety standards, and no more than this content is considered safe [15]. In recent years, from the results of the sampling inspection of lipstick products by Chinese quality inspection departments, the qualified rate of lipstick products is very high.

On March 15, 2019, a lipstick wall consisting of more than 2,000 lipsticks attracted the attention of many women. In 2016, the Consumer Council of Shenzhen made a comparative test of 30 Lip Balm Products. It was found that 8 samples were detected with trace heavy metals, but they were far below the national standard and the European Union standard requirements.

Efficiency needs



So can pearl powder whiten your face? Yes, of course. You think, who brushes a layer of powder on his face can not be white. So why do people feel whitening after washing?

Correspondingly, the content of calcium carbonate in eggshell is over 93%[19], and there are many similarities between crystal structure and calcium carbonate in pearl powder [20]. That is to say, under a reasonable preparation process, eggshell powder may also achieve the same whitening effect as pearl powder paste.

But these mineral powders can not be absorbed by the skin, and the skin will remain the same after cleaning.



Compared with maprost, it can really speed up the growth of eyelashes, make eyelashes stronger, and make eyelashes darker [21].

On November 15, 2018, LV exhibition, there are many male stars in the entertainment circle. Their eyelashes are very long. For example, Zhu Yilong circled a big wave of powder because of his long eyelashes against the sky.

The author is a dermatologist. The scientific nature of this article has been examined by Chen Qiquan, Doctor of Dermatology, First Affiliated Hospital of Third Military Medical University, and Hu Xiaobo, Master of Biology, Fudan University.

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