Cantonese Media: Elkson is not a simple quotation and Naturalization that Lippi wants

 Cantonese Media: Elkson is not a simple quotation and Naturalization that Lippi wants


come back

Elkson flew to Guangzhou the afternoon before yesterday. Many fans who got their flight number in advance waited for Elkson at the airport exit, but unlike in the past, Elkson bypassed the fanswelcome and left the airport through the VIP aisle.

Hengda Clubs reason for this arrangement is simple: Elkson is not a simple quotation.

The Club wrote in its official announcement: Recently, Elkson expressed a strong desire to return to Guangzhou. According to the players will and the current situation of the team, the club reintroduced Elkson in accordance with the relevant rules of the Chinese Football Association.

To sum up the origin of the quotation to the strong desire of the players themselves, Guangzhou Evergreen University has never expressed such a quotation announcement in the past.

On the contrary, all kinds of special operations have achieved the effect of covering up and highlighting.

Both Mourinho and Paulio have left and returned, but both are decisions made within the framework of competition and budget. The reasons for Elksons return are obviously different from those of Mourinho and Paulio. Although fans must be equally welcome emotionally.

Cannavaro said his dream is to be a centre forward, while Elkson is a centre forward, but not what Cannavaro wants most. He has repeatedly expressed his ignorance of Hengdas introduction of foreign aid. Cannavaro wanted Anatovic to go to Shanghai instead.

Everyone knows this background: Elkson has been living and working in China for six and a half years. According to FIFAs relevant policies, as long as Elkson is naturalized in China, he can represent China in the World Cup qualifying tournament. It is understood that domesticating Elkson for the national football team is also what the national football coach Lippi wants to see.

Although this is only a guess, it is clear logically that Evergrande has offered Elkson a high-salary contract to solve his worries. Elkson will naturalize in China with a feeling of China. If the last sentence of the official announcement of Evergrande says, Make new and greater contributions to Chinese football!

It is understood that Elkson will soon complete the registration, occupying one of the four foreign aid quotas of Hengdu in the second half of the season.



Evergrande fansmemory of Elkson must be Eisen, who played 28 Games and 28 goals in the 2014 season, carrying the team to complete the fourth consecutive championship. Eisen, who won the final of the Asian Championship in 2013 and 2015, is the record holder of the Asian Championship goal.

But as time went by, Elkson had been four and a half years away from his peak. To be exact, he missed a lot of games in Hengdas last season because of injuries, of which the league only scored 7 goals 16 times, a serious decline compared with the 2014 season. If the season of 2013 and 2014 is to play the regular operation steadily, the foot of the 2015 Asian Championship Final is a flash in the pan.

After joining in Hong Kong, Elkson was the absolute main force in the 2016 season, scoring 11 goals in 26 leagues, the scoring rate is no longer at its peak. In the 2017 and 2018 seasons, Elkson was only the main player in Hong Kong, scoring 11 goals in 17 appearances and 7 goals in 16 appearances. Wu Lei left the team this season, Elkson returned to the main line-up, scoring eight goals in 15 games, continuing the previous two years.

Fans who have watched the Games in Hong Kong will know that Elkson is still a very powerful forward, but his weight gain has been less flexible than before, his feet are not as good as in the past, it seems that he has lost the ability to do alone in Evergrande. Whether its data presentation or game presentation, he is no longer the top striker in the Chinese Super League.

In the foreign aid structure of Hong Kong, Elkson is a short board. According to reporters, Boas once hoped to replace Elkson in the 2017 season, there were some differences between the two sides, but for various reasons, Elkson did not leave the team.

Can short board foreign aid in Hong Kong meet Cannavaros foreign aid needs? Its a question mark. Cannavaro has told the media that Evergrande needs a foreign scorer who can score 20 league goals in a season. Elkson needs to improve his scoring rate dramatically to achieve this goal.

In addition, after Elkson occupied a place, Cannavaro could only choose between Taliska and Golat. Taliska and Garrett were in excellent form before they were injured this season, so it would be a bit wasteful to have to choose between them. If not, Cannavaro will wait for Taliska.

Elkson, who is only 30 years old, still has the possibility of returning to the peak, but for him, there is also a running-in process. Although the team still has a group of old faces, but after all, it has not played together for several years. Whats more, the front court of Hengda Middle School is now dominated by young people. Elkson did not come back as a big-name technology player this time. He needed to adapt actively. The only thing he doesnt need to adapt to is the sultry weather in Guangzhou.



Once Elkson was a sunny boy, he joined Evergreen University when he was only 24 years old, full of enthusiasm. At that time, Hengda was always lacking in passion because of its great advantages. Especially after scoring, the celebrations were careless and had no appeal. But Elksons entry changed the atmosphere of the team. He really ignited the atmosphere of the celestial body at that time.

No one will forget his bracing and roaring celebrations after scoring in the 2013 final. But Elkson had changed a little in 2015, and he cried after scoring in the final. Injuries make him miserable, but its not just injuries that make him miserable, its also his marriage.

Elkson married her pregnant girlfriend Lusa in Guangzhou in July 2014, but they split up shortly after the birth of their son Petro. Elkson was in poor form in the 2015 season because he was suffering mentally. Its getting harder for the outside world to feel his smile.

For three and a half years in Shanghai, Elkson remained single until the first half of this year, when he appeared at the airport with his new girlfriends hand. But then there was no following.

According to people close to the Hong Kong team, Elkson is still a very happy and optimistic person in private, not the kind that the outside world thinks is becoming depressed and unhappy. He was a bachelor. He often went to the Oscar and Hoolks house to eat and play cards with them.

His son usually lives with his mother in Brazil and sometimes goes to Shanghai for a short stay, which is his happiest time. When his son scored in Shanghai, his celebration would have something to do with his son.

But in front of some public cameras, Ai Shen sometimes portrays people as vicissitudes of life. As a supporting role on the court, he was slightly overstaffed and sprinted back and forth to try to get the ball, but the ball never reached his feet, which showed his lost mood. Every time he played away in Guangzhou, Hengda fans welcomed him, which moved him to tears, even a little sour. The departure from Shanghai to bid farewell to the fans in Hong Kong was also a headline in the tearful photos. Fans should prefer to see Elkson laugh in front of the camera.



Naturalization is an unavoidable topic. The value of Elksons high-salary contract is partly in the identity of Evergrande players and partly in the identity of naturalized players. This is also a new issue for Elkson to face when he returns to Hengda: in the past, he could concentrate all his energies on the club, but then he may have to put on the Chinese teams gown to play in the World Cup qualifiers.

Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifying tournament was held in September this year and lasted until the first half of next year. If everything goes well, the Chinese team will enter the twelfth round, which is more difficult and more intense confrontation.

If we play on behalf of the Chinese team as a naturalized player, we can imagine how much attention there will be from the outside world and how much pressure there will be. Despite the physical and physical requirements of double-line operations, can Elkson handle this mental stress?

Once Erkson transfers to China, he is a Chinese citizen. Its not just a matter of playing football, but of course he also needs to have more in-depth contact with Chinese society. He returned to Guangzhou, where he was familiar with, and lived in an upscale apartment in the Pearl River New Town. However, his environment may change because of changes in nationality. He also needs to deal with this change in addition to playing football.

Source: Author of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Fengzhen Responsible Editor: Xu Zexin_BJS4919