Former Arsenal Director: Sanchez has agreed to renew his contract before joining Manchester United

 Former Arsenal Director: Sanchez has agreed to renew his contract before joining Manchester United

Sanchez joined Arsenal in 2014 and quickly became the core of the teams front line, scoring 80 goals and assisting 45 times in 166 appearances at Arsenal, but at that time Sanchez and Arsenal signed only until June 2018. Former Arsenal transfer director Dick Law has revealed that the club also wanted to renew Sanchezs contract as soon as possible, rather than wait until the last year of the contract, and both sides have agreed to renew it. It was December 2016 and we were negotiating a contract extension with Sanchezs agent, Felichevich, all year round.

In December I flew to Santiago, Chile, and we reached an agreement. The players agreed to the contract on the phone with Felichevic. Felichevich shook hands with me and talked about how difficult the negotiations were, but we finished the deal. The contract team then drafted the new contract and sent it to Sanchezs lawyer. But during the period of contract inspection, he changed his mind for some reasons. We dont know who contacted the player or why he changed his mind, but the most important thing is that he did it.

Eventually, Sanchezs contract renewal talks with Arsenal broke down and Sanchez dragged on until the last year of his contract. To avoid the free departure of players, Arsenal had to sell Sanchez to Manchester United in January 2018, while Sanchez earned an extra 500,000 pounds a week at Manchester United. However, since joining Manchester United, Sanchez has scored five goals in 45 appearances for Manchester United, a marked decline in his form compared with that of Arsenal. Now Sanchez has become a hard-to-clean high-paying substitute for Manchester United. Perhaps Arsenal will be glad to see his condition drop so dramatically that they did not renew Sanchezs contract.

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