Li Ming: Guoan already has the principle of domestication to compete for the championship. It needs Chinese ancestry.

 Li Ming: Guoan already has the principle of domestication to compete for the championship. It needs Chinese ancestry.

Li Ming said that through the introduction of internal and external support, the team exposed the shortboard last year has been made up for, offensive and defensive balance, playing mature. For this reason, Guo An has lost only two games in the mid-season super-match so far, and has always been the top scorer.

Li Ming said that the club will not lose confidence because of the low performance of the team in individual games, but will help the team to sum up experience and lessons in time, adjust the playing method, adjust the state, and play every game well. National security officers and soldiers with excellent performance, prove that they have the strength to win this years championship.

Li Ming believes that the competition for the championship of this years Chinese Super League is very fierce, and the top three teams are playing very well. Shangkong was last years champion and Hengda was the previous champion. All three teams are eager to win the championship, which makes the competition more intense. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms like the Chinese Super League looks better than ever. Among the three teams, Guo Ans desire to win the championship is stronger, but his experience is not as good as that of Shanghai and Hengda, so he needs to concentrate more in the following matches.

Li Ming frankly said that after Guoan won 10 consecutive victories in the Chinese Super League this year, fans and other fans are more looking forward to the team, which is the driving force for the team to move forward. The club will not be overwhelmed by the teams ten consecutive wins, nor will it lose confidence because of the poor performance of individual games. This year, Guoans offensive and defensive strength has improved, which is the key reason why the team can go from chasing to champion. Guoan ranks first, which certainly proves the strength of the team. However, for the two battles lost to Shanggang and Luneng, it is also necessary to summarize and adjust in time to play well in each of the next matches.

Li Ming specifically mentioned two naturalized players, Li Ke and Hou Yongyong, introduced by Guoan this season. He said that the two players have made due contributions to the excellent performance of the National Security Team since the start of the match, especially Li Ke, who not only plays the main role in the team, but also becomes the first naturalized player to be selected into the Chinese National Team. From his performance on behalf of the national team and the evaluation of the national team coach Lippi, Li Ke is one of the important members of the future national team. Hou Yongyong is younger and needs to continue to improve his ability.

Guoan still pays attention to the new qualified naturalized players. The principle is to have Chinese ancestry first, love China second, and be able to win glory for the country by joining the national team in the future. However, these will not shake Guoans strategy of grasping the youth training at the same time.

Li Ming revealed that Guoan will not adjust the players this season, and will complete the season with this set of players. The club has full confidence in the strength of the players and the tactics of the team. It is believed that Guoan team will be more competitive, more controllable and perform better in the following matches.

Source: Author of Xinhua News Agency: Editor-in-Charge of Wang Yong: Xu Zexin_BJS4919