The owner buys Mercedes-Benz and has six malfunctions in the 4S shop in more than a year: the malfunction rate is really high.

 The owner buys Mercedes-Benz and has six malfunctions in the 4S shop in more than a year: the malfunction rate is really high.

Changsha car owners bought Mercedes-Benz more than six times a year, 4S shop: the failure rate is really high (source:)

Ms. Ding in Changsha, Hunan, spent more than 400,000 yuan on a Mercedes-Benz E200. Within a year and a month, the Mercedes-Benz had six successive breakdowns. These average bimonthly failures include replacement of steering wheel airbags, oil leakage from differential between rear wheels, and failure to close driving side windows. As there were two other failures left untreated, Ms. Ding had to park her car in the garage.

On July 8, the staff of Hunan Longxing Xingxing Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Longxing Xingxing Sales Company) who sells Mercedes-Benz cars told Peng Mei News that the failure rate of this car is indeed a little high, and is currently in consultation with Ms. Ding.

Its only 275 kilometers away and the airbag will call the police.

Ms. Ding said she bought a Mercedes-Benz E200 in May 2018 at Longxing Sales Company. Unexpectedly, driving the new car on the highway, the dashboard suddenly appeared red warning signs, the airbag alarmed. At this time, Ms. Dings Mercedes-Benz is only 275 kilometers away.

She shuddered and drove to 4S shop in Hexi Valley of Changsha. After many checks and negotiations, the reason was found out: the quality of the airbag was out of order.

According to the video provided by Ms. Ding, the staff of Longxing in Hunan Province said that the whole part below the steering wheel of Ms. Dings Mercedes-Benz car needed to be replaced. Because there is no spare parts, we need to wait for the next week to replace them.

Half a month later, the airbag problem was solved.

Ms. Ding said that to her surprise, within two months, the touch screen of the central electronic control system of Mercedes-Benzs armrest appeared expansion cracks from inside to outside. Ms. Ding found 4S shop again, but 4S shop believes that Ms. Dings own artificial damage can not be ruled out. After many negotiations, 4S stores finally re-appraised and checked, confirming that the touch panel cracked and was renewed.

But after two months of quiet driving, her Mercedes-Benz broke down for the third time: the mercury coating on the inside of the mirror glass fell off and the mirror turned black.

Like last time, 4S stores believe that the owner himself crashed. Ms. Ding thinks that the shell of the reflector is not rotten, cracked or deformed, and the glass is not broken. How can it be collided by external force?

In April this year, Ms. Dings Mercedes-Benz broke down for the fourth time: the main driving window on the left side could not be lifted and closed. Whether the key or manual, it automatically bounced back when it was closed to the side. Rainwater exhaust, heat wave, dust and noise all enter the car by plane and become a windy convertible. Ms. Ding laughed at herself.

After checking 4S stores, it is believed that the on-board computer system will be upgraded. This time, 4S shop took the initiative to Ms. Dings home for replacement.

4S Shop: This car has a high failure rate.

When Ms. Ding Mercedes-Benz broke down for the fourth time, it took less than a year to buy the car.

Manager He, after-sales consultant of Longxing Xingxing Sales Company, told Peng Mei News that Ms. Dings car did have the above four breakdowns. But he believes that only the first airbag and the fourth windowpane failures fall within the scope of the warranty. The second and third cracking of the electronic control screen and the falling of the reflecting mirror glass coating are not guaranteed by the quality, but considering the customer first, 4S shop is a service industry, so it helped her repair.

However, to the surprise of Ms. Ding and 4S stores, Ms. Dings Mercedes-Benz car has recently broken down for the fifth and sixth time.

In May this year, Ms. Dings Mercedes-Benz car suddenly experienced intermittent frustration while driving. Ms. Ding drove her car to a car repair shop to check it. The result was told that the oil leaked at the bottom of the car and between the two rear wheels. Differential is designed to adjust the speed difference between the left and right wheels. Failure will make the car unsafe. Subsequently, Longxing Sales Company confirmed the failure.

Mr. He, manager of Longxing Xingxing Sales Company, told Peng Mei News that this is not called oil leakage, it should be said that it is oil leakage. Differential oil leakage, no lubrication, resulting in the consequence of the differential in dry grinding, will ring. (Continuous oil leakage) Technical perspective will not cause car fire, but will hold. Usually when I hear this sound, I wont turn it on.

Manager He also said that the way to solve the leakage problem is to replace the differential with a sealing ring. Ms. Dante expressed doubts: Can the sealing ring solve the problem thoroughly? Im a new car that only drives for more than a year. Ill repair it now. What will I do after the three-year warranty expires? At present, Ms. Ding and Longxing Xingxing Sales Company have not reached a consensus on the solution to this problem.

Ms. Ding told Peng Mei News that after the differential went wrong, she had to park in the underground garage. But at the same time, she found that the Mercedes-Benz occasionally happened before, and this time it was unable to recover. After locking the car, the rearview mirror could not fold.

For Ms. Ding Benzs six successive failures, Manager He said that her car did have a high failure rate. Ms. Ding said that if she could not negotiate with 4S Store, she would complain to Changsha Market Regulatory Department about consumer rights protection.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284