Sexual assault, fraud and false Invoicing were arrested one week by the chairmen of four listed companies

 Sexual assault, fraud and false Invoicing were arrested one week by the chairmen of four listed companies

Wang Zhenhua, former chairman of Xincheng Holdings

Mine Explosion Company: New Town Holdings (601155, SH) Stockholder Number: 38.4 million Injury Index:

Resume: Wang Zhenhua, male, 57 years old, former chairman of Xincheng Holdings, EMBA of Yangtze Business School, with a family of 23 billion yuan.

Cause of arrest: suspected of child molestation by Shanghai police criminal detention.

Mine explosion: New Town Holdings evaporated 31.7 billion yuan

After the incident was exposed, Xincheng Holdings has eaten three consecutive stops, and finally opened the stops on July 9. By the end of the day, it had dropped 8.9% to 28.35 yuan per share, with a total market value of 63.9 billion yuan and a market value of 31.7 billion yuan evaporated in four trading days.

Stockholder Response: Such a company is no better!

Adgjlcbzm: you retail investors should not impulsively take the plate, or regret will be too late.

The stock market is not going to stay with you till the end of your life: no one believes it, no matter how good it sounds, and it doesnt fall into your suspicion that life is not counted, all because of such a boss.

Latest progress: New Town Holdings announced on July 9, and received the resignation report of director Wang Zhenhua on July 8. At the same time, in response to the regulatory letter of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Xincheng Holdings disclosed the time line of the incident after Wang Zhenhua was arrested.

July 1: Wang Zhenhua was taken compulsory measures by the public security.

July 2: Wang Xiaosong, the current chairman and president, received a telephone call from Fengxincun police station, the mayor of Shanghai, and went to the police station around 23:00 on the same day to learn that Wang Zhenhua, the former chairman of the company, was taken compulsory measures.

From 9:30 on July 3, Wang Xiaosong notified the directors and chief executives of the company one by one to call for an emergency meeting. From 13:00 to 14:00:00: Wang Xiaosong orally informed the directors and key executives of the meeting about the compulsory measures taken by Wang Zhenhua. Around 15:00: Wang Xiaosong received a notice from the police station and went to the police station. Wang Xiaosong returned to the company at about 16:30 after receiving the written detention notice. Around 19:20: The sixteenth meeting of the second board of directors was held. About 21:48: The company uploads information disclosure documents on the website of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

As a result, Metro Holdings said that through the investigation of the company and insider information insiders, there were no cases of early disclosure of insider information and illegal transactions (including collective bidding and bulk transactions) for both the company and insider information insiders.

Luo Jing, Chairman of Boxin Co., Ltd.

Mine Explosion Company: Boxin Stock (600083, SH) Stockholder Number: 115,000 Injury Index:

Resume: Luo Jing, female, Hong Kong citizen of China, born in 1971, holds an MBA degree from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In addition to Boxin shares of A-share company, there are also Hong Kong listed companies Chengxing International Holdings (02662, HK) and Singapore motherboard listed company Camsing Health Care (BAC).

Reasons for arrest: According to surging news reports, a list of sources, Luo Jing issued trust products financing, the capital chain was broken, was reported by a financial institution in Shanghai as economic fraud, and then detained by the police. But this statement has not yet been confirmed by the police.

Mine exploding situation: On July 5, Boxin shares announced that Luo Jing was detained by Yangpu Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau on June 20, 2019. On that day, Boxin shares closed down, but on a subsequent trading day, Boxin shares rose and stopped, and Boxin shares rose and stopped again on July 9.

However, Chengxing International Holdings, a Hong Kong-owned company owned by Luo Jing, plunged 8.93% on July 5, 80.39% on July 8 and 26.67% on July 9, leaving a total market value of HK$710 million.

The latest progress: Boxin Co. announced on July 9 that relevant personnel of public security organs served documents such as Luo Jings and Jiang Shaoyangs detention warrants to the company on the morning of July 5, 2019, and informed the companys actual controller and chairman, Ms. Luo Jing, and the director and financial director, Mr. Jiang Shaoyang, about their criminal detention on the spot, without informing the specific cause of the case. u3002

Stockholder Response: I dont believe in punctuation.

Sister just speculated in stocks: Why not make it forcibly suspended?

Qianze Capital: Why did the detention take more than 10 days before the announcement was issued? The lawyer sued the listed company for me.

* ST Pengqi Chairman Zhang Pengqi

Mine Explosion Company: * ST Pengqi (600614, SH) Stockholder Number: 809,000 Injury Index:

Resume: Zhang Pengqi, 51 years old, is paid 1.8 million yuan before tax in 2018. In July 1990, he graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering of North China Institute of Aerospace Technology and worked in 613 Research Institute of the Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has successively been assistant to the general manager of Hainan Aerospace Electro-Optical Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Weihai Hongyuan Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager of Luoyang Zhuyuan Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., and Luoyang Tongding Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. General manager. He was the general manager of Luoyang Pengqi Industrial Co., Ltd. and the chairman of Pengqi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Mine exploding situation: After the opening of the market on July 9, * ST Pengqi dropped and stopped, which is * ST Pengqi dropped and stopped for two consecutive trading days, and the market value of the two trading days evaporated 400 million yuan.

Shareholder Response: No Tears to Cry

Adornment: The managements misdeeds regard retail investors as grass mustard. They should not only be prosecuted criminally, but also compensate for the losses of our retail investors.

Sunny 168 days: No tears if you want to cry.

Traceless Past: Waiting for the day of delisting! Its hopeless!

Recent progress: Controller occupies 140 million yuan of company funds

It is worth noting that * ST Pengqis 2018 report shows that the company lost 3.81 billion yuan last year, and the auditing institutions issued audit reports that could not express their opinions on the companys annual report. Since then, the company has fallen and stopped for 19 consecutive trading days.

According to the companys latest announcement, after verification, 4.5 million yuan of other receivables to be verified are actually occupied by the controllers funds; 139 million yuan of prepaid accounts to be verified are occupied by the actual controllers funds. In addition, Zhang Pengqi and his concerted actors violated the decision-making process and provided guarantees to the outside world. The remaining amount of guarantees violated the rules totaled 209 million yuan. At present, the company has not received the plan of actual controller Zhang Pengqi and his concerted actors to return the companys funds. After receiving the repayment plan, the company will fulfill the obligation of information disclosure in time.

ST Tianbao Chairman Huang Zuoqing

Mine Explosion Company: ST Tianbao (002220, SZ) Stockholder Number: 231,000 Injury Index:

Cause of arrest: Dalian Public Security Bureau economic investigation detention detention for suspected false invoice crime compulsory measures.

Mine exploding situation: ST Tianbao announced on the evening of July 4 that Huang Zuoqing, chairman of the company, and Sun Shuling, chief financial officer, were detained by the economic investigation detachment team of Dalian Public Security Bureau on suspicion of false invoicing. ST Tianbao continued to fall and stop on the following two trading days. On July 9, the stock price fell again by 3.85%. The market value of ST Tianbao evaporated by 160 million yuan in three trading days, and the total market value of the company is 1.150 billion yuan.

Stockholder response: stay away from junk stocks, or you will lose your money.

Everyone enters the Sacred: Falling down again, falling too hard to open, delisting

Annual Index: Listed companies have come to the courage to invoice to increase profits, and this performance is fraudulent.

Zhang Tianshi jblhf3: Shareholders can be said to be alarmed step by step!

Chasing AAAAAAAAA: Stay away from junk stocks or you will lose your money.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368