The $5.9 billion order flew! The First Airline Company Announced the Cancellation of Boeing Orders

 The $5.9 billion order flew! The First Airline Company Announced the Cancellation of Boeing Orders

The first shipping company officially cancelled the Boeing 737MAX order

In December last year, Adil Airlines made a preliminary commitment to buy Boeing 737MAX, but reconsidered the deal after two fatal air crashes resulted in 346 deaths and the 737MAX plane was grounded worldwide.

This decision made Adil Airlines the first company to officially cancel 737MAX orders.

Turn to Airbus

Adil Airlines announced on Tuesday that it will receive 30 Airbus A320 aircraft from 2021 and may further order another 20 A320 aircraft, while Adil Airlines will only operate Airbus A320 aircraft in the future.

It is understood that last month, Saudi Airlines signed an order with Airbus at the Paris Air Show. These 30 aircraft are part of this order.

Boeing shares fell 1.33%.

Boeing will lose $5.9 billion if it loses its 737 MAX order from Adir Airlines. Boeings shares fell 1.33% on the 8th.

In a subsequent statement, Boeing said: Given Adil Airlinestime planning, we understand that Adil Airlines is unable to meet its 737MAX aircraft procurement commitments.

Boeing 737MAX airliner crashed in October last year and March this year, killing 346 people. Both crashes were related to the incorrect activation of the automatic stall prevention software on the aircraft. The 737MAX series was grounded worldwide.

Affected by the 737MAX crash, Boeings net profit fell 13.2% in the first quarter of this year from a year earlier, and its production cost increased by at least $1 billion.

Boeing: Focus on Safe Recovery 737MAX Services

Recently, Boeing said in an e-mail statement, Boeing is proud of its 70-year partnership with Saudi Arabias aviation industry, and we wish Adils aviation team every success in building its business. Our team will continue to focus on the safe recovery of 737 MAX services and the resumption of delivery of MAX aircraft.

Boeing has frozen its MAX delivery for several months after the crash, and now hopes to submit a repair plan to regulators for review in September. This timetable will allow the plane to return to the sky by the end of this year.

Adil Airlines will operate the Airbus fleet

Abolishing Boeings 737MAX order, Adil Airlines ordered 30 Airbus A320neo planes for $5.5 billion, becoming one of the first French airlines to turn entirely to Boeings competitors.

Adil Airlines claims that this order will enable Adil to operate an all-Airbus A320 fleet in the future.

Source: CCTV Financial Responsibility Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368