Zhang Yingyings mother told herself that she wanted to be a grandmothers juror and left the court crying after hearing it.

 Zhang Yingyings mother told herself that she wanted to be a grandmothers juror and left the court crying after hearing it.

Zhang Yingyings family (Tuyuan: Associated Press)

Overseas Network, July 10 (9), local time Tuesday (9), Zhang Yingyings defendant sentenced to enter the second day of the trial, Zhang Yingyings father Zhang Ronggao testified in court emotionally out of control. Zhang Yingyings mother appeared in the video, describing her wish to become a grandmother, when a female juror stood up and left the court crying.

Zhang Yingyings father, Zhang Ronggao, and her boyfriend, Hou Xiaolin, appeared in court on September 9, according to CNN and WTTW, Illinois. Zhang Ronggao began to cry when she was asked whether it was the last time she saw her daughter.

Without her, my life is no longer complete, Zhang Ronggao said. When he testified in court, he lost control of his emotions, and the red-faced suspect Christensen wiped his tears with a paper towel in the court.

Screenshot of US Media Report (Photo: wttw News Network)

A video recorded by Zhang Yingyings mother, Ye Lifeng, was also shown in the court. Shes a very good child. Zhang Yingyings mother recalled that Zhang Yingying had been very mature and an excellent student. How can I continue to live? I really dont know how to continue, Zhang Yingyings mother said.

Just as Ye Lifeng described her wish to become a grandmother, a female juror stood up and left the court crying. The District Court judge asked for a temporary adjournment to calm the juror.

Defendant Christensen (Image Source: Associated Press)

Zhang Yingyings boyfriend Hou Xiaolin continued to testify in court. He said he hoped to study in the United States after receiving his doctorate and return home with Zhang Yingying, who had planned to marry in October 2017.

Hou Xiaolin said that Zhang Yingyings departure especially hit her family deeply. It also completely changed his life trajectory, especially when he knew the cruel things the defendant had done to Zhang Yingying. He said that Zhang Yingying was the most important person in her life.

The court also continued to broadcast videos recorded by Zhang Yingyings friends, in which they talked about Zhang Yingying and what it meant to them to lose Zhang Yingying.

On the 8th local time, Zhang Yingyings case entered the stage of sentencing, and both the prosecution and the defense made their opening remarks. The prosecution submitted seven videos from Zhang Yingyings family and friends. A video of Zhang Yingying singing the song Complicated was shown in court. When the video was played, Zhang Yingyings father approached the screen to watch her daughters face carefully. Zhang Yingyings brother suspected that she had left halfway due to excessive sadness.

On June 9, 2017, while studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), Zhang Yingying lost her connection in a black car on her way out. The prosecution prosecuted Mr. Christensen, assistant professor of physics at Zhang Tongtong, for the crime of kidnapping to death. The case was formally heard in June this year.

On June 24, local time in the United States, the jury unanimously agreed that Christensen was convicted of a crime of kidnapping to death and two false statements. According to federal law, the only possible penalty for death from kidnapping is death penalty or life imprisonment. The death penalty must be decided by a jury, and 12 jurors must agree.

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