Banks, Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay fight ETC, which is more favorable?

 Banks, Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay fight ETC, which is more favorable?

Since next year, all kinds of preferential policies such as toll reduction and exemption have been implemented by ETC system, with a discount of 8.2% for bank credit card toll.

If someone is looking out of your car recently, please dont call the police. We just want to see if you have ETC installed. This is a circle of friends recently issued by a large state-owned industry worker.

Recently, banks have launched an ETC marketing campaign. Social media advertisements about ETC have the potential to brush the screen. In addition to free equipment, there are also discounts, points, and other promotional means to give all kinds of life preferences. Apart from banks, Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay have joined the battle of ETC customers. They have launched online ETC functions and offer various kinds of concessions.

This ETC fever is related to the change of the national policy on Expressway express tolls. Since next year, all kinds of preferential policies such as toll reduction and exemption have been implemented by ETC system. And this market, by the end of this year, there are 100 million users of Blue Sea to be excavated.

The huge market space has enabled financial institutions and Internet companies to start a battle for ETC customers, from online to offline, they spare no effort to promote. Who would you choose as a car owner?

Why did ETC suddenly become popular?

Recently, the battle between banks and payment giants for ETC users has been fierce. So what is ETC and why does it suddenly become a baboon?

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) is a non-stop toll collection system. Vehicles equipped with ETC vehicles can use electronic toll collection. Vehicle identification, information writing and automatic deduction of funds from pre-bound IC cards or bank accounts are realized by on-board equipment.

Previously, China has been vigorously promoting the application of ETC, but the popularity is not high enough. According to data released by Dai Dongchang, Vice Minister of Transport and Communications on May 10, the total number of ETC users in China has reached 80.72 million by the end of March this year, with the installation rate of automobiles reaching 34%, and the payment rate of ETC on expressways accounting for about 45%.

At the executive meeting of the State Council on May 5 this year, it was made clear that by the end of this year, the provincial boundary toll stations of expressways across the country should be basically abolished. On May 28, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Electronic Non-stop Quick Toll Application Service on Expressways (referred to as the Plan), which proposed that by the end of December 2019, the number of ETC users in China had exceeded 180 million. The ETC toll station was fully covered, and the ETC Lane became the main toll lane. Trucks realized the non-stop toll. Highway toll collection rate is more than 90%. All artificial toll lanes support electronic toll collection methods such as mobile payment, which significantly improves the service level of highway toll collection.

In order to promote the popularization of ETC, the scheme gives ETC vehicles not less than 5% toll concessions, and implements a basic preferential policy of no difference for ETC vehicles passing through the region. Since January 1, 2020, except as otherwise stipulated by the State Council, all kinds of preferential policies such as toll reduction and exemption have been implemented by ETC system.

It is worth mentioning that vehicles without ETC will no longer enjoy all kinds of toll relief, differential charges and other related policies. This means that ETC is almost a necessary equipment for car owners. Referring to the number of ETC users at the end of March this year, to reach the Program target by the end of the year means that there are nearly 100 million users waiting for the Blue Sea to be excavated.

ETC distribution channels have been broadened, giving all walks of life the opportunity to seize users. The Plan proposes to promote the establishment of a network-wide collaborative service model, encourage banking financial institutions, non-bank Payment institutions and Internet enterprises to work closely together, allow ETC to bind existing bank accounts and payment accounts, and support commercial banks to promote the issuance of joint name cards loaded with traffic industry applications. As a result, a battle for ETC users started, financial institutions and Internet enterprises have made every effort.

Which bank is strong in promoting ETC?

Under the policy boost, the bank has been fighting ETC marketing war since May this year. New Beijing News reporters found that many bank employees are forwarding ETC advertisements in social media, almost all of the banks ETC equipment are free of charge, plus a variety of life coupons.

ICBCs ETC is free of charge, using ETC to pay a high-speed fee and enjoy a normal price of 9.5% discount. By the end of this year, ICBC will give away one OBU (vehicle electronic label), another 300,000 account security insurance, 1000 yuan Jingdong gift card raffle, etc. In addition to OBU, customers who handle ETC credit cards in Bank of China can also get refueling cash, free car wash and road rescue service package, free driving service and other concessions.

On the basis of no less than 5% toll concessions for ETC vehicles stipulated by the policy, many banks have introduced further discounts on tolls. Reporters found that the general credit card discounts than debit cards, most banks ETC bonded debit cards enjoy a 9.5 discount basis, credit cards can be up to 9 or 8 discounts. However, these preferences are generally targeted at new card users.

At present, reporters found that the most powerful discount is the postal savings bank, with a minimum discount of 8.2%. A customer manager of Wuhan Branch of Postal Savings Bank told reporters that in this bank, ETC is handled, Chutian Che credit card is newly handled, gold card can enjoy 8.2% discount on high-speed toll, Puka can enjoy 8.5% discount; ETC bonded debit card can enjoy 9.5% discount, and receive 100 yuan refueling card. In addition, there are 5 yuan car wash, 10 yuan movie and other concessions.

According to the preferential activity information presented by a customer manager of Tianjin Branch, the bank handles ETC and binds debit cards, enjoys a discount of 9.5% for high-speed charges, and 3% for the first three high-speed charges on the basis of 9.5% discount; the new ETC credit card enjoys a discount of 9% for high-speed charges, and the first year of credit cards is free of annual charges, with six full annual fees.

Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Branchs ETC processing information shows that when dealing with the Agricultural Banks ETC contract, it will enjoy a 9.5% discount on expressways in Beijing; when binding the ETC credit card customers of Beijing Agricultural Bank Express, they can use the points to get ETC concessional monthly tickets every month, and then enjoy a 9% discount on the highway toll in the same month. In addition, the Agricultural Bank of Beijing also directly gives 100 yuan high-speed toll, as well as 1 yuan car wash privilege, 1999 yuan Shopping Gift bag, points, etc.

Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay are also fighting for business?

In addition to the banks aggressive outdoors, Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay have joined the ETC. These three organizations are characterized by online processing, more convenient, high-speed discounts in general 9.5 discounts on the basis of discounts.

Owners, Alipay can handle ETC free of charge! Online processing, equipment package mail home, on schedule activation deposit refund, not a penny to spend. In July 1st, Alipay released the news via Sina official micro.

In July 4th, the Beijing News reporter realized that in the Alipay search, ETC could be entered into the ETC service official small program operated by Alipay. After completing the binding card, paying the deposit and filling in the information, the ETC business could be free of charge. Alipay will send ETC equipment to the owner. Once the device is activated, the 130 yuan deposit will return the original Alipay account to the user, which is equivalent to the equipment free, and enjoy the high-speed toll 5% off nationwide.

How can the Alipay and the bank divide their work through such channels? According to the explanation of Alipay customer service, Alipay official ETC currently handles the binding of postal savings bank credit card and savings card. When ETC is not paid for secret payment, the cooperative bank card is first buckled, followed by the order in the order of payment settings. In the future, we will have many banks joining us, and now we are in talks. Alipay told reporters.

Like Alipay, WeChat also launched the ETC assistant applet, which can complete ETC online bidding, recharging, invoicing and other businesses. The procedure of WeChat ETC is similar to that of Alipay. Alipay needs to pay deposit first, and the mode of return after user activation is slightly different. WeChat ETC not only provides payment margin for ETC, but also supports the application of Tencent card to handle ETC, apply for Ping An Bank credit card or bank of Communications credit card ETC. In terms of discounts, the introduction page of Wechat ETC shows that ETC nationwide enjoys a discount of not less than 5%.

In addition, among online contenders, UnionPay launched online ETC functions. In early June this year, China UnionPay announced that, in conjunction with Beijing Express Technology Co., Ltd. and Jilin Jitong Electronic Charge Operating Services Co., Ltd. and other high-speed industry partners, based on UnionPay Intelligence Platform, it will apply for and bind deduction services on the ETC Accounting Card Online of App. At present, UnionPay cloud flash payment APP wisdom pass - ETC service plate has been able to handle ETC, the process is similar to Alipay and WeChat, submit relevant information and materials, bind the bank card, check and deliver goods by ETC issuers, and the equipment is free.


ETC Marketing War

Bank staff car-hunting stalls

If someone is looking out of your car recently, please dont call the police. We just want to see if you have ETC installed. This is a circle of friends recently issued by a large state-owned industry worker.

In order to win the favor of users, many bank staff launched a marketing war on social media. Tens of millions of high-speed, manual left one, do not install ETC, queuing heart and soul. Installation of ETC, we do not charge, the installation of ETC, there are concessions everywhere, and so on, there are endless paragraphs.

ETC of all walks of life carries out marketing information not only through online channels, but also through offline channels. A staff member of Chongqing Branch of China Recruitment Bank told Xinjing Daily that it is a routine action to go to places with more cars to promote, set up stalls and display YiLabao. Retail business is no better than company business, and cant wait for customers to come to their doors.

According to a customer manager of a branch of the Postal Savings Bank in Wuhan, the bank has issued a task target, with at least six outlets a day and 180 outlets a month. Therefore, employees have recently been promoting it through various channels. There must be a lot of pressure. Another big bank outlet says the daily target is 20.

At present, users can directly go to the off-line outlets of various banks to sign ETC contracts, or on-line processing, including mobile banking APP, Wechat public number and so on. ICBC, CCB and other banks have also introduced relevant small procedures, which users can handle ETC business. Generally, online procedures are relatively simple. After application, information is input first, including identity card, drivers license and so on. Next, the application can be completed by binding bank cards. After the bank online audit is passed, ETC equipment is arranged to be mailed to the home. After the owner receives it, the self-service installation can be activated.

As the protagonist of the robbery, ETC users (car owners) expressed calm. A Wuhan car owner said that he needed to deal with ETC in the near future. Seeing that the postal savings banks preferential power was relatively strong, he decided to deal with it in the postal savings bank. Another owner said that because there are many bank cards, he did not want to open a new bank card in order to enjoy the discount, so he would choose a discount in his existing bank cards.

New Beijing News reporter Gu Zhijuan, Chen Peng editor Wang Yu proofread Yang Xuli

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056