Taobao sells 800 yuan of artifacts for homework. Dont buy them for children.

 Taobao sells 800 yuan of artifacts for homework. Dont buy them for children.

Writing robots can not only complete simple copying tasks, but also draw cartoons and drawings. The original design function of this robot is not only for homework, but also for high-end players to use the program to complete many special tasks. It can be said that technology changes life.

There are also different comments from parents and netizens on this magic artifact of writing homeworku2014u2014

Some netizens joke that they can rent a shop near the school and buy ten writing robots specializing in the business of writing on behalf of others.


Is it useful to copy homework?

Parents think that there are such problems because they think that copying homework is meaningless and a waste of time. They should arrange more cognitive processing and interesting homework to increase childrens interest in learning. Some parents even point their finger at the level of teachers and think that only mediocre and incompetent teachers can do it. Only then will assign the copying class assignment.

To answer this question, we must start with the memory model:

Conversely, as long as we can improve the efficiency of a certain stage, our memory ability can be improved.

In fact, copying homework can improve our recognition stage. When we memorize English words or ancient poems, we often advocate multi-channel memory.u2014u2014

In our school days, we often encounter the phenomenon that we can recite and read clearly, but when we start writing, we often make some mistakes in detail.

In the past, when I was learning Japanese, every Chinese character phrase could read pronunciation, but when I wanted to spell a pseudonym, I often made some mistakes in details, such as voiced, pronunciation, long tone and so on. (About 1 to 2 questions of Chinese character pseudonym selection were given in Japanese Level Examination N1.)

In fact, when we recognize the exam, we lack the pen to copy, and we do not form the action memory.

Therefore, copying homework still has its scientific nature. Although we hate it in our school days, it can effectively help us improve our memory.


If parents and teachers do not agree on the issue of childrens education, it is not conducive to the long-term development of children.

Because if parents and teachers have different opinions, you can go to the teacher to communicate and solve them.

However, some parents take the initiative to buy a writing robot to help their children do their homework, which may have some harmful effects on the home-school relationship.

While expressing these intentions, parents are negating the authority of teachers. Such behavior in the eyes of children, in the long run, will lead to children and teachers against each other, which is not conducive to the healthy development of children.

Copying homework may be more in primary school, especially in the lower grades, because the childrens knowledge base is not strong enough, need to be repeatedly consolidated by copying; if the childrens foundation is good, I believe this homework will not take too long.

Parents buy Writing robots for their children, which may make them feel that homework is indifferent, but they can do it or not. Anyway, parents think it is useless, so they develop bad learning habits.

The learning habits formed in the lower grades of primary schools will affect all the learning stages before the age of 18.

Therefore, parents at this time to set a good example for children, and actively communicate with teachers, is also a model for children. Fostering good habits will help parents multiply their efforts with half the effort in the next process of educating their children.


Parents guide their children scientifically

For a time, in order to avoid being angry to be hospitalized with cerebral infarction, all parents have their own extraordinary tricks to send their sons and daughters publicly.u2014u2014

A joke is a joke. When children do their homework, parentsaccompanying can not only set an example for their children and create a learning family atmosphere, but also help them plan their learning time reasonably and form good learning habits.

When accompanying children to do their homework, we suggest that we help them to set the time to complete their homework one by one in the form of tasks.u2014u2014

For example, homework can be completed in 15 minutes, then give the child 15 minutes;

If completed ahead of time, the children can arrange the rest of the time freely.

So that the child can receive timely feedback, he will understand that earnestly completed, well done can be rewarded, on the contrary, No.

I believe that after a period of training, after the children develop habits, we can gradually give the children autonomy, parents will gradually reduce the heavy burden of tutoring homework.

From the perspective of educational psychology, these assignments correspond well to several stages of memory, that is, coding, storage, extraction and recognition. Recitation and transcription in the early stage are coding, which is beneficial to memory. Examinations, exercises and silent writing allow us to extract the knowledge we have mastered. Some of them are just recognition, while others are recognition. It needs to be refined and summarized.

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