Block Chain Funds Disk Scrambling: Pyramid Sales-style Head-pulling, Gambling Who Runs Fast

 Block Chain Funds Disk Scrambling: Pyramid Sales-style Head-pulling, Gambling Who Runs Fast

Players say its like beating drums and spreading flowers. They dont know who will take the dishes and then collapse.

Li Qiang (not his real name) is still unwilling to believe that he actually stepped on the thunder. Im a Bitcoin miner, and I think Ive seen hundreds of money trays, and Ive gone around a lot of pits. I didnt expect to end up in the Bochang (super) community.

After the 800,000-member registered Tokenstore was exploded as a runaway, Plus Token, the largest currency circle and the wave supercommunity, which claimed to be related to the wave field, were suspected of collapse, which completely shocked the fragility of the money circle.

Theres been all kinds of money traveling before, but I always thought they would be okay. A money circle player told reporters.

In fact, the core feature of these funds is to attract players with high rebates. Such projects, like drumming and spreading flowers, you never know who will take over when they collapse, but the only thing you can be sure of is that the later you get in, the greater the risk. One investor described it.

Players are not ignorant of the key points, but are gambling with the owner to bet who runs fast. New Beijing News reporters found that although frequent runs, but the fund tray is still active, spend more than 100,000 yuan can become the tray owner, and then cut leek.

Capital tray refers to a form of network pyramid selling in which the former members are paid with the money they have joined after dismantling the east wall to make up for the west wall in the form of capital circulation. Chen Yunfeng, senior partner of Zhonglun Wende Law Firm, has publicly stated that there are three main reasons why block chains will be favored by fund trays: anonymity, high fever and overlapping users.

On June 28, the Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association issued the Risk Tips on Continuing to Watch out for Investing in Virtual Money Market to remind investors to enhance risk prevention awareness.

Beijing News reporter learned that at present, there are many suspected pyramid selling projects in operation, and some people said that they are actively participating in the construction of the new plate.

Sun Yuchen Project Meets Li Gui: Suspected Crash of Bochang Super Community

Since the evening of June 30, the wave field supercommunitys APP can only be opened, not logged in. Some players query the wave field currency stored on the platform and find that the suspect has been transferred.

Li Qiang said that the reward system and operation mechanism of Bochang Super Community are not essentially different from other fund plates, but because the projects external publicity is closely related to Bochang and Sun Yuchen, it feels reliable.

Sun Yuchen, the founder of wave field, has been called Ma Yuns youngest disciple by some media. His latest exposure was a record-breaking photo of Buffetts charity lunch in early June.

UTorrent is one of the 27 super representatives of the wave field.

One player provided the reporter with project propaganda materials, The UTorrent Super Community, received a 10-yuan reward from the wave field, and took out nine rewards to join the UTorrent Super Node Boeing Powder. Because these small nodes join, the super nodes will get more rewards and benefits.

Even more convincing to the players is that in May this year, in addition to 13 core members of the community, there is also Jeffe, the so-called Ultra Torrent Super Community Operations Manager.

We found the nodes in the promotional materials and endorsed by the operation manager, so we naturally believe that the platform is related to wave field, said Li Qiang, who finally decided to join the platform after seeing the photo taken in May.

The reporter inquired the official website of the wave field and found that uTorrent is indeed one of the 27 super representatives of the wave field. However, it is noteworthy that the name of wave field supercommunity is mu Torrent supercommunity.

And are uTorrent and uTorrent the same community? Sun Yuchen once said in his reply to a netizens question on June 12 this year, This cheater obviously played a word game. How do you think u was written?

On the morning of July 1, a day after APPs suspected run, Sun Yuchen sent a microblog warning about the risk of capital market and reminded investors to be alert to the risk of capital market. As one of the most famous public chains in the world, there are some projects in the world (not only in China) that make pure capital market in the name of wave field, which is similar to Soros Buffett. Sun Zhengyi Ma Yuns daily invested pyramid selling plate is the same. Our attitude is clear. Officials do not support Pyramid Trading and Capital Trading. We also need to be vigilant about Pyramid Trading and Capital Trading. We must pay attention to the safety of funds.

On July 9, the wave field issued a public statement saying that the so-called wave field supercommunity may carry out illegal and criminal activities in the name of TRON, BitTorrent and uTorrent. The TRON official expressed understanding and sympathy for the mood and situation of the deceived and firmly opposed all pyramid trays and fund trays under the guise of block chain technology. Since January 2019, when it was discovered that a wave supercommunity had fraudulently used the official name of TRON to defraud the fund trays, TRON official wavefront traveled continuously through Weixinqun and Weixinqun. Bo official channels, micro-blog groups and tremolo channels to refute rumors, guide investors to guard against fraud, pay attention to financial security; the wave field does not refute rumors or rumors related to the wave field official, wave field official reserve the right to pursue their legal liability for defamation and rumors.

The difference between Li Kui and Li Gui is the difference.

Reporters in a number of wave field super community rights groups found that most players previously thought the project was Sun Yuchen project, so it was confident to enter.

Style rewards pull peoples heads, some people pay for their own development.

According to the statistics of the players in the rights group, in five months, the number of players has reached hundreds of thousands. According to the unit price of the recent wave field currency of about 0.24 yuan, the amount involved is nearly 1 billion yuan.

Such rapid expansion in a short time is related to the quasi-pyramid marketing model of wave field supercommunity.

Wang Bo (not his real name) came into contact with the Wavefield Super Community because of his multiple Wechat groups. In May this year, he was impressed by the reward system promoted by the project participants (that is, his future going home).

According to the reward system issued in the wave field super community promotion group, the revenue consists of two parts, static revenue and promotion reward.

Firstly, according to the number of wave field currency (TRX) activated by users on APP, users are divided into three categories: the number of users activated in 1000-30000 is primary node; the number of users activated in 30001-100000 is secondary node; and the number of users activated in more than 10000 is tertiary node. Node is the users level, and the later benefit is directly related to the users level. Static income is the node dividend award. The wave field currency is deposited in the wave field super community APP to obtain interest. At present, the rebate level is generally 0.8% per day.

I have to worry about the high price of Bitcoin today and the low price of Bitcoin tomorrow. This project has a static income, and the income level is more reasonable. I am more down-to-earth, Wang Bo said.

What struck him even more was that in addition to dividends, if he succeeded in recommending the project to go home, the profits would be higher. According to the reward mechanism, Xiajia stores the wave field currency on APP and activates it, Wang Bos promotion expenses will be divided into two parts: one-time promotion award, calculated by multiplying the number of Xiajia activated TRX by the corresponding rebate ratio, and the rebate ratio is 5%, 10% and 15% at the first to third level nodes, respectively. Im a secondary node, and I recommend that people save 1000 coins, and the percentage I get is 1000 x 10%, Wang explained.

The other part of the promotion fee is generated daily. According to the daily static income of the lower members, the project side will award the participants a community operation prize. Based on the participant rank decision algebra, the number of TRX dividends per day for the lower members is the benchmark: the first-generation return of 20%; the second-generation return of 20%; the second-generation return of 10%; the third-generation return of 20%, the second-generation return of 10%, the third-generation 20%.

In addition to the above awards, there are so-called performance awards, exclusive promotion activation awards, new performance awards, extended operation awards + performance awards, group leader awards, help awards, BTT airdrop awards and so on. The purpose of these awards is to help you pull more people, Wang Bo said.

However, this incentive mechanism really encourages many players to actively develop go home. One player said that he had invested 3 million yuan worth of wave field currency himself, and developed nearly 100 Xiajia Xiajia with a cumulative investment amount of more than 10 million yuan.

Wang Bos development of more than 80 off home is his out of pocket: Wang Bo gave everyone 1000 wave field coins on APP. According to the unit price of Bochang currencies hovering around 0.24 yuan recently, the value of Bochang currencies he sent out is about 20,000 yuan. Just let everyone experience it, if they feel good, they can continue to pay for it.

He told reporters that if all kinds of promotional incentives are included in the rebate, about a year will be able to return the capital, if there is go home self-financing, the speed of returning the capital will be faster.

Drum Blossom: Never know who took the dish when it collapsed

In Zhang Leis (pseudonym) mobile phone, more than 50 financial disks of the Wechat group have been ringing almost 24 hours, and people are constantly recommending new projects.

With the revival of the currency circle in March this year, a large number of funds began to be active.

Zhang Lei began to invest in the capital market at the beginning of this year. He has invested more than 2 million yuan in more than a dozen capital markets. Some projects are lucky, others take over, and some projects run away and lose their money. After nearly half a years tossing and turning, we can hardly make a profit without losing money.

Recently, he began to be more cautious, mainly because in the last week or two, not only the number of money trays running is large, but also the scale is quite large.

In addition to the wave super community mentioned earlier, known as the largest market in the currency circle, Plus Token, with a capital of 20 billion yuan, is also suspected of collapse in recent days.

According to player Zhao Ming (pseudonym), PlusToken has been declaring itself as a coin circle to the outside world, smart brick wallet, that is, through multiple exchanges, using price differentials to sell high and buy low profits. Similar to the Wave Field Super Community, PlusToken is generous in order to pull peoples heads. The account is divided into four levels, one level can be divided into 100% full reward, two to ten levels can be divided into 10% reward, 10% reward outside the ten levels. Users only need to spend $500 to start a smart dog, and then continue to develop offline, once they reach the founding level, they can get $1.5 million award.

At that time, I invested 500,000 yuan, and my supervisor told me that compound interest could earn more than 3 million yuan a year. Zhao Ming said that she invested 500,000 yuan in Plus Token in April this year through a friends introduction.

According to the official website of Hunan Provincial Financial Supervision and Administration, as early as March this year, Wenyuan Police Station of Tianxin District of Changsha City had investigated and dealt with the local Plus Token Block Chain Wallet publicity spots. Police said that the PlusToken Block Chain Wallet borrows the name of the block chain, collects threshold fees, develops offline, layers of incentives, and has the typical characteristics of pyramid marketing.

And a platform called Bitdog packages the pyramid marketing funds into a block chain entertainment pet platform. According to the platform, Bitdog is a block chain entertainment pet platform developed by the Dog Dog Coin development team, United Game Development Company and the Bitdog Games Foundation of the United States. According to the platform data, within less than a month since the launch of the Bitdog Experience Edition on June 5, the number of participants has exceeded 20,000, adding more than 2,000 people a day.

Its mode of operation is also inseparable from pulling peoples heads. The BitDog platform stipulates that participants need to be recommended by referees to register as regular members. Ordinary members who want to make money by feeding Bitdog mining need to create a Bitdog account through a referee and pay 99 yuan to adopt a Bitdog. Then they buy feeding packages to feed Bitdogs, which can generate BTGS virtual currency by digging up minerals every day during the feeding process.

Reporters found that the most prominent feature of many platforms is to encourage players to develop offline through incentive mechanisms at different levels.

Such projects because there is no actual business, in order to make the dishes bigger, it is necessary to continue to circle money, part of the money in order to pay a high rebate in the early stage, the purpose is to attract more people into the market, the other part is cashed by theowner. Once the tray does not have enough money to pay for the withdrawal, it will basically collapse, Zhang said.

Wang Deyi, a lawyer, said that in the course of operation, some funds are promoted by means of offline development and double-payment, and these funds are not supported by real projects or products.

Xiao Lei, a financial commentator, believes that the fund tray is actually a variant of pyramid selling. Because of the standardization and convenience of many targets, the fund tray can attract more funds in a very short period of time, which is more harmful than the way of soliciting funds. There are many legal definitions of pyramid selling, such as the three-tier rebate system, etc. But at present, the fund tray is often more concealed, but it can achieve pyramid selling effect. Because the pull tray leads to the early entry of people more profitable, these people in order to more people to come in the pull tray, they will use the way of pulling the head to pyramid selling. Marketing is consistent with the essential logic of MLM.

Do you know that these projects do marketing? Faced with the reporters question, Zhang Lei did not seem to mind, At present, many block chains are like this, you can think of it as pyramid marketing, but I think there will be real project side doing things, I can also make money.

In fact, this kind of project is like beating drums and spreading flowers. You never know who will take it when it crashes. But the only thing that can be determined is that the later people get involved, the greater the risk, Wang Bo said.

More than 100,000 people can design a capital tray, and who can run fast?

Qian Hao (a pseudonym) is an over-the-counter trader of Bitcoin, who was swept away by more than 2 million people in a previous non-smoking case. Recently, he told reporters that he began to consider participating in the fund tray, and pulled a group of 100 Wechat people ready to promote the project.

Ive known a person who wants to be anownerof the operating capital tray before, and Im going to invest as an early participant and help him pull people around. Qian Hao said.

According to him, issuing a virtual digital currency is sitting village. At present, some outsourcers provide mining machines, which can produce money every day, and also provide the services developed by APP, which can help bankers design trading systems. The system can rent foreign servers and store both APP and website abroad.

In fact, its very simple. In general, a contractor can help you design a capital tray, which is usually packaged into financial products. Recently, there are many such products, Qian Hao said.

Qian Hao said that when the trader can not only collect transaction fees, but also hoard money in the early stage, and sell to earn a difference after the price rises. And early investors like them would hoard coins with bankers and then actively promote them. In response to how to raise the price of virtual currency, he said, Still to give people a sense that the project is very promising, the supply is in short supply, the price will rise.

Are you worried about running the project? Qian Hao said that even if the project ran away later, he would not lose money. In his view, he was an early member of the bankers fight the world. He had to hoard coins with the stockholder until they were sold at a high point. Therefore, the short-term interests were interlinked. The banker feels that he has earned enough and the project is likely to go offline, but at that time I quit early. These projects are all gambling, which is to compete with the owner who runs faster, he said.

When the reporter asked about the name of the project, he said he was reluctant to disclose, but had prepared a white paper and was about to go online.

Block chain investor Wang Feng (pseudonym) said that in fact, the operating routine of the capital tray is very similar. In the early stage of launching the new tray, they will not only sell high-volume virtual money to the market, but also give early investors dozens of times the rate of return, making them taste big sweet. In this way, more people will invest and trap more funds. However, when the stockholder feels that he has earned enough, the fund tray will become a dead tray and the investor can not withdraw money and be locked up.

Whats more, the owner may open a new market, so that part of the investors capital that waslocked upby the previous one can be put into the new market and start operation again. At this time, some investors may even be overjoyed by the fact that the money is alive again, and may reinvest with the mentality of recovering losses, Wang Feng said.

According to the reporters investigation, there are still many projects with pyramid selling nature in operation.

It is difficult for investors to safeguard their rights

Introducing relatives and friends is a dilemma

Reporters through PlusToken, wave field super community in a number of rights groups observed that similar to most pyramid sales, many participants are introduced by relatives and friends to join. As a result, when the project runs, many people say that if they call the police, they feel sorry for their relatives and friends. They are afraid of being fined or even facing the disaster of imprisonment. However, it is a dilemma to recover the principal without warning.

There are also players in the group will publicly advise: Have you ever thought about the difference between voluntary reporting to assist in investigation and shielding crime, and reporting can be pyramid selling, illegal fund-raising to recover their own funds. Early report, early recovery, control team leader. Some investors decided to report.

In fact, as early as September 2017, seven departments, such as the Central Bank, the Banking Regulatory Commission and the Securities Regulatory Commission, issued the Announcement on Preventing the Financing Risk of Token Issuance, which clearly states that no token financing trading platform shall engage in the exchange business between legal currencies, tokens and virtual currencies, nor shall it be traded or sold as tokens. Or virtual money provides pricing, information intermediation and other services.

The announcement also pointed out that tokens are essentially an unauthorized illegal public financing act, suspected of illegal issuance of token tickets, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid selling and other illegal criminal activities.

Xiao Hao, a partner of a well-known law firm, publicly advises investors to collect evidence. In order to follow up the path of safeguarding rights, the most realistic thing is to collect all the relationships between themselves and the platform, such as platform recharge, screenshots of detailed investment records, bank flow with official seal, etc. Secondly, because such cases belong to stakeholder cases, the problems encountered by a single investor may not represent much, but if many people have similar situations, then we can establish a group to exchange information, share information, and also facilitate the handling of cases to the public security bureau, which attracts attention.

According to Wang Deyi, an attorney of the law firm Searching for Truth, according to the Provisions of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security on the Criteria for the Prosecution of Criminal Cases under the jurisdiction of Public Security Organs (2), [Fund-raising Fraud Case (Article 192 of the Criminal Law)] uses fraud for the purpose of illegal possession. Methods Illegal fund-raising, suspected of one of the following circumstances, should be prosecuted: (1) personal fund-raising fraud, the amount of more than 100,000 yuan; (2) unit fund-raising fraud, the amount of more than 500,000 yuan.

According to the Judicial Documents Network, there are 139 judicial documents concerning the cause of criminal cases involving capital tray, among which the crime of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities is the most common one, accounting for 86 cases; the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits and fund-raising fraud is 12, and the rest are other types of crimes.

Wang Deyi said that at present, many projects that borrow block chain technology to make capital market collapse and run, while investors are difficult to recover losses. In such cases, it is difficult for investors to safeguard their rights and interests through civil litigation. They can only request the public security organs to file criminal cases. The victims of such cases are distributed all over the world. The behind-the-scenes controllers of these funds may be outside the country or hide their real identity. The funds or tokens invested by investors are likely to be transferred by the other party through technical means. Therefore, even if there is a case filed by the public security organs, the handling of relevant cases is likely to be very high. Very long.

New Beijing News reporter Zhang Shuxin Chen Peng editor Li Weijia proofread Fan Jinchun

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056