Niping Fan Ming and Zhang Chengguang, the premiere of New World of Styles, actively touch the net

 Niping Fan Ming and Zhang Chengguang, the premiere of New World of Styles, actively touch the net

In the first program, the three old artists were given a mysterious task. They need to go into all kinds of fashionable places and feel the youthful atmosphere in the new play method. Ni Ping came to the weightlessness restaurant. As soon as she saw the delicious food falling from the sky along the slide, she snapped it and punched in circles of friends like young people. Zhang Chengguangs task is to carry out VR experience. In the real immersion experience, he feels quite shocked by his wide knowledge. Fan Ming went to the Fairy Baoke Dream Exhibition. It was obviously difficult for him to answer the names of these germs. Xing Chaotou played his charm to help young tourists and completed the task with everyone.

From the initial experience of the three old artists in the new world, it is not difficult to see the strong desire of the silver-haired people to learn from the old. Zhang Chengguang said: The progress of science and technology is so great that it will not retreat until it is in line with young people and science and technology. Ni Ping also admitted that she hoped to learn from young people and catch up with the trend of the times. The older generation began to keep pace with the times. They walked out of the comfort circle, opened the door of the new world, experienced new things and new trends with an open attitude, and enjoyed the wonderful life at present.

Zhu Xingjie helped challenge, and the original short video of the old artist was praised.

The old artists who completed the task came to the singing hall in turn to gather, and when they met, they opened the chat box. Fan Ming praised Ni Ping for her beauty and temperament as good as when she was young, while Zhang Chengguang screamed like a fan, exposing the attributes of his Ni Ping fans. To Zhang Chengguangs surprise, Ni Ping was chasing his play 30 years ago, and she had asked someone to bring back Zhang Chengguangs signature poster and keep it for many years. Old artists were chatting and the young singer Zhu Xingjie suddenly appeared. He is not only the publisher of the mysterious mission, but also responsible for promoting communication between two generations. He brought two new friends to the old artist, Zhang Xinyao and Zhang Huiying, the short-video masters. The three veteran artists were very interested in their lively and joyful dancing and embraced the challenge of recording their first creative short video. At present, Ni Ping, Zhang Chengguang and Fan Ming have participated in the shooting of short videos on the Internet, which has won the attention and praise of many netizens.