CCTV: Zhang Shuais Wimbledon starts from 0 and new

 CCTV: Zhang Shuais Wimbledon starts from 0 and new

Zhang Shuai won 0 of the previous five Wimbledon matches.

From 0 to 1, from scratch, it represents a breakthrough. It took Zhang Shuai nine years to break through at Wimbledon.

In Zhang Shuais career, every achievement is hard-won. Even if it seems easy for ordinary people, here she may become an insurmountable gateway. For example, the Grand Slam won first.

From 0 to 1 in Grand Slam competition, Zhang Shuai also spent 9 years!

The first person to win Zhang Shuais Grand Slam is Halepp.

The story of that time is still fresh in my memory: Zhang Shuai, who ranked 133 in the world in the first round of womens singles at the Australian Open in 2016, finally won a 6-4/6-3 victory in front of No. 2 seed Halepp, breaking the magic spell of 14 previous unsuccessful Grand Slam singles championships.

This timely and rainy victory was refreshing and touching. More importantly, it not only dispelled Zhang Shuais long-lasting nightmare, but also saved her career which she once decided to give up.

After Super Monday of the All England Grassland Club entered the top eight womens singles, Zhang Shuai was described as a butterfly in the Grand Slam stage by comparing his amazing performance in Melbourne Park.

But put yourself in a position to think, when a thing, a burden, a shadow in your mind overstocked for long enough, when you finally have the opportunity to break free from its shackles in front of you, how can you not at this moment, this time, firmly grasp the life-saving straw and rush forward desperately?

Three years ago, three years later, standing at the same juncture in Wimbledon, waiting for Zhang Shuai, he became the man who stood at the beginning of Melbourne, still Halepp.

Todays story, for Zhang Shuai, may be more unforgettable: with a good state all the way, with a 3-0 start, and in the sixth inning once won two consecutive break points advantage, Zhang Shuai encountered a reversal, once again stopped in the top eight Grand Slam. Such a defeat is not a good thing for Zhang Shuai, but at the end of the game, she still went to the net with a big smile and congratulated Halepp. Because, Zhang Shuai knows, compared with the regret of this defeat, in Wimbledons nine days, her harvest is obviously more.

Success is also Halap, and defeat is also Halap. This Wimbledon tour, in Zhang Shuais body, in the dark, there are many magical reincarnation.

For example, Zhang Shuai has not been able to cross the third round of womens singles in any WTA Tour since he lost to IELTS TREMSKA in the semi-finals of Hong Kong last year, and it is IELTS TREMSKA who stands in front of Zhang Shuai after Wimbledon crossed the third round of womens singles before Wimbledon this year.

If two sets swept the former world No. 1 Wozniackis game, let people see Zhang Shuais transformation and growth in the grassland; then, using three sets to win the way to give the post-00 junior class, it completely shows the 30-year-old Zhang Shuai, now in the field of stability and maturity.

When Zhang Shuai continues to play in Wimbledon this year, her reports are often summarized as: the inspirational life of a distressed girl.

But when these miseries and sorrows have been precipitated over time and melted into Zhang Shuais heart, what is brewing now is a calm, grateful and sympathetic feeling emanating from inside to outside.

People always say that I am inspired, persistent and hard-working. But in fact, every one of us has struggled and tried equally. Who gave up easily?

Im lucky to be able to break out once in a while! Many players will never come back after injury and depression, and many others will never live up to their expectations for the rest of their lives!! _____________

Reason to truthfulness and persistence to stubbornness may be the biggest conflict between Zhang Shuais growth and the external public opinion environment. But it may be because of such conflicts that Zhang Shuai has made every breakthrough.

When asked why Wimbledon had blossomed so magnificently before, Zhang Shuai explained, Maybe my breakthrough is always in places where I cant win! Maybe its a good thing for me not to win for a long time.

From Melbourne to Wimbledon, from Halap to Halap;

From 0 to 1, from winning to losing;

Zhang Shuai hopes that everyone who has a dream should not wake up easily from his dream!

Because when you wait and prepare, any time and place can be your starting point for a new start.

Reprinted from CCTV Sports Text/Zhang Wenhao

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