Xiao Wei: I dont know at what level its been a difficult and long year.

 Xiao Wei: I dont know at what level its been a difficult and long year.

London, UK - On July 9, local time, the Wimbledon Championship of the 2019 season started the womens singles quarter-finals. In the United States derby at the center court, seven-time champion Williams Jr. defeated his fellow grassland power Rick 6-44-66-4 after three rounds of fierce battles and returned to the top four in the British Club for two consecutive years.

Among the death zones of Grand Slam champions and grassland masters, Williams Jr. won the quarter-finals with only one set lost. She reversed Slovenian starlet Ewan in three sets in the second round, then knocked out seed players Gergus and Navarro in two sets.

With the advance of the round of the competition, the play of Williams Jr. is also gradually entering a good situation. Faced with the champion of New Kos Haierto Humbols, the former world No. 1 scored 48 wins and 19 Aces in the whole game, and after two hours of fierce battle, it reached the twelfth Wimbledon semi-finals.

All I have to do is fight on, Williams Jr. said after the game. Alison has done a great job at Wimbledon this year. She has beaten a lot of great players, a lot of good players in recent years.

She wont surrender victory. I need to fight for it myself. Thats what I have to do.

It was Liskes first Grand Slam quarter-finals in her career, and the first time she was separated from her fellow countrymens legends. The American girl started the game fearlessly, twice leading Little Williams with a break in the first set.

Risk kept putting pressure on his opponents. Although Williams Jr. made three Aces in a game, Risk managed to break and build a 2-1 lead. However, the 11th seed later launched a counter-attack, through the lucky ball in front of the net to complete the break, the score will be tied to 3-3.

The two sides then exchanged serves, and Rick took the lead in the offensive, but Williams Jr. soon returned to color, and the two froze to 4-4. The famous American general patiently waited for the chance to win successively on both sides of his forehand and backhand. Finally, he won the first place with the key break at the end of the market, and then took the lead in the next city.

Risk has been in three sets for four consecutive games and spends four hours more on the pitch than his rivals. In the second set, she showed her grassland ability to the fullest, competing with the former Wimbledon champion and not losing ground. She didnt face any breaking point in the second set. She broke her opponents inevitable serve after 4-4 and dragged Williams Jr. into the final set.

Williams Jr. won three games in a row when he was broken up. Although Rick fought hard to catch up with 3-3, the former world number one refused to surrender his initiative. Williams Jr. increased his firepower, finished breaking again by receiving and attacking, and finally ended the battle with a goodbye Ace in his serve winning game.

This is the first time I feel good after the Australian Open, admitted William Stein Jr. This season has been a very long and difficult one for me, because I usually dont suffer from injuries.

I dont know what level Im at, but I feel pretty good now. In that case, I was able to concentrate on training and polishing my skills, which I had not always been able to do in the past.

The 23rd Grand Slam winner will make an impact on the 11th Wimbledon final of his career. The next round will be separated from the Czech famous strissova.

Source: WTA Chinese Network Responsible Editor: Cao Lie-e_NS1806