Jiangxi 13-year-old girl suspected of being molested by stepfather: full investigation

 Jiangxi 13-year-old girl suspected of being molested by stepfather: full investigation

Chengdu Business Daily - Red Star News News, on the evening of July 9, Yang Ping (pseudonym) of Xingguo County, Jiangxi Province, told Red Star News that her daughter Xiaofang (pseudonym) was molested by Liu Mouxing around 21:00 on July 8. Director Liu of Weijiang Town Police Station, Xingguo County Public Security Bureau, Jiangxi Province, told Red Star News: The leaders of our County Public Security Bureau attach great importance to this matter, and the case is being investigated with all their strength.

Yang Ping is a resident of Weijiang Town, Xingguo County. Her daughter Xiaofang, 13 years old, is a junior high school student. Xiaofangs stepfather, Liu Moxing, 55, is a contractor in the construction industry in Xingguo County.

Yang Ping said that since 2009, she has lived with Liu Mouxing, who has been acting as her daughters stepfather in her life for the past 10 years, although she has not received a marriage certificate.

Yang Pings daughter, Xiaofang, said she and her stepfather went home after dinner at 21:00 on July 8 and were indecent.

After the incident, Xiao Fang (pseudonym) accompanied by his mother, made a record in the dispatch.

Liu Mouxing touched you, did you resist? Faced with the inquiry from the police of Weijiang Police Station, Xiaofang answered, If there is resistance, I will pull his hand away. Yang Ping was accompanied by Xiaofang when Weijiang Police Station took notes. Yang Pings inquiry notes to Red Star journalists also confirm Xiaofangs answers.

On the evening of the incident, Yang Ping learned that her daughter had been molested, so she asked Liu Mouxing to write a declaration stating how he molested Xiaofang. He also wrote sorry and promise not to do it again.

After the incident, Liu Mouxing told Yang Ping the story in writing.

Yang Ping said that after the accident, Lius son and Lius brother came to her home to do her ideological work. They hoped that Yang Ping would turn big things into small ones and trivial things into small ones. I had no mood at all. I was the most painful one. Ten years of feeling, both sides were meat. The reporter then contacted the relevant person in charge of the Xingguo County Public Security Bureau. The person in charge entrusted Director Liu of Weijiang Police Station to call the Red Star News reporter and said, Welcome the supervision of the news media, we will certainly investigate according to law. Please rest assured, but because of the minors involved, the specific case is still under investigation, not yet square. It was disclosed.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Luo Chongwei_NB12082