Should I force my boyfriend to show affection? Thats the best answer Ive ever heard!

 Should I force my boyfriend to show affection? Thats the best answer Ive ever heard!

Xiaorongs circle of friends, in the past six months, most circles of friends are used to record the dynamics of love.

She feels lonely and wonders if her boyfriend doesnt love her enough or is she not worthy to be in his circle of friends.

With such an indignant idea, she began to force her boyfriend to send a circle of friends, fancy show love, but sadly found each others circle of friends, only visible to herself.

Should I force my boyfriend to show affection? I think the answer in your heart is clearer than anyone else!

Smart women are not persistent in their boyfriends circle of friends and show no love.

But if he never shows love in circles of friends, it doesnt prove that he doesnt love you enough.

Its hard for a strong man to prove his good to you through his circle of friends. Can this change your sense of security?

So the fancy, and eventually lost love.

He didnt give it voluntarily. You forced the lure to force it. It was really cheap. What you wanted was not interesting.

You know, the stronger the sense of coercion and control, the stronger the resistance, you know, no one wants to accept that kind of oppression, boys want to give their hearts in the feelings, rather than lose themselves, to become another person.

Dont overestimate any love. You give all your joys, anger and sorrows to the other party. If the other party sends out a circle of friends, you will be happy. If the other party doesnt, you will lose your temper.

Instead of forcing a boyfriend to show affection in his circle of friends, he should be an independent person who can advance and retreat in a love relationship.

If you dont love, no matter how kind you are, you cant resist the shackles of time.

So the loving couple, also high-profile show of love, both sides have promised: Perhaps it may be tripped by a stone, but each time we can hold each others hands, and then laugh naughtily and tell each otherIts nothing.

But the love of the past can not escape the claw of time and the contradictions of life.

The once enviable and jealous Ice Morning Love caused a sensation.

But this kind of sweet to greasy love can only end up as continue to be friends.

They have shown their love, but when they do not love, they may have forgotten it.

Do not be a slave to feelings, but excessively expect others to pay.

We all have to love ourselves better than we used to love.


Wu Zun, who once traveled all over the Yangtze River with the combination of Fahrenheit, and his girlfriend Lin Lilian, who had been in love for many years, finally entered the palace of marriage after a long-distance love race.

Wu Zun seldom mentions his wife in public, and the number of times he loves her is countless.

Wu Zun will lay down her career and accompany her wholeheartedly when her wife needs it.

Their feelings, do not show, is enough intoxicating, their feelings, do not show, it has become a wine, Wu Zuns way of loving his wife, is based on practical action.

Really beautiful people seldom send self-portraits. Really rich people seldom show off their wealth. Really loved people seldom show love.

You force your boyfriend to show his love for you by showing him that he loves you?

But in fact, whether a boyfriend really loves you or not can not be seen superficially from his circle of friends, but should be excavated from his daily behavior and attitude towards you.

Should I force my boyfriend to show his love? The answer is: If its true love, why show it?

Xiao Wang is famous for being good to his girlfriend in the office. Every time he talks about his girlfriend, his smile is almost overflowing with honey.

He will remember his girlfriends preferences, will spend time for her, will always give her the best things, accompany her to create romance.

Colleagues sometimes ask sourly, Why not show your girlfriend in the circle of friends? Im afraid we wont do it?

How can a boy really treat you and love you? Answer: Not only in the circle of friends.

If he is not good to you at ordinary times, and every time the circle of friends has come to a 360 degree turn, it shows good to you.

Can you stand such a hypocritical show of kindness? Forced out of the total less sincere and warm!

We should have a sense of love without forcing the other half to show kindness and change for ourselves.

Authors brief introduction: Love Xiaonuan, film critic, emotional writer, multi-platform signing author.