Favourite Secret 2: Maybe this is the legendary growth from a rookie grandfather to an old father.

 Favourite Secret 2: Maybe this is the legendary growth from a rookie grandfather to an old father.

Uh huh? Isnt that how the first man to be a father feels about a baby?

Suddenly a small drop of people at home, with invincible destructive force, exploded at any moment, so that people only want to find a corner to hide.

Is that why so many novice mothers suffer from postpartum depression?

Because the father at home is also very afraid of the baby, all kinds of troubles, feeding, changing diapers and bathing are all pushed to the mother to do. He should have hid himself with his fathers father in front of the United Front. He had a pig mate beside his baby, and his mothers melancholia came.

Until, the little man began to learn to speak, and said the first words to his father, Daddy and I love you.

The father of the family really had a sense of reality, and realized that the soft baby had a blood relationship with himself. With more and more interaction, he gradually fell in love with his baby.

WOW! Calculate the time, from only crying to learning to speak, how can the baby have to be one year old to speak, before the father is in a hiding state, mother is very miserable! ____________

In fact, the anxieties of newbie grandparents come too late, and they start early in pregnancy with their mothers. When she was anxious, no one took her to a psychiatrist, put on an Elizabeth circle and told her to relax.

The way to relieve their anxiety is quite simple. In the countryside, there is a cool elder brother who has gone through vicissitudes of life. His spiritual leadership instruction will make his father grow up quickly.

Faced with the novice grandfather who wanted to protect the baby indefinitely, he would say, What if the baby crawled out of the fence and fell down? You dont know what it hurts until you fall once.

Recently, there is a new Japanese drama called Gifted Babysitter Ah Yin. After watching the first episode, it will inevitably be compared with Big Secret of Love 2.

Yeah, his so-called parenting means pushing the baby carriage in front of the neighbors, and bathing with the child means that he is comfortably soaked in the bathtub by himself, while his wife bathes the child beside him.

And those smelly confirmation that children need to change diapers work, children cry day and night need to hold the work of coaxing, of course, only belong to the mother.

No wonder there are so many postpartum divorces and ambiguous Japanese people in Japan. How can they understand that mothers need child-rearing when their dads help with dirty work instead of playing with their children? Its like teasing pets with a circle of friends and flaunting themselves as grandfathers?

In addition to keeping an eye on crying babies, its good for a novice mother to feed herself. Theres also a dad who complains about housework and doesnt do it after work and cant eat a hot meal at home. Its better to abandon him for such a big burden. Its easier for us to take our children by ourselves.

Bench elder sister Li slowly

Watching Daddys Self-cultivation