Why do lovers who have been together for a long time break up in a strange and cruel way?

 Why do lovers who have been together for a long time break up in a strange and cruel way?

Why do lovers who have been together for a long time break up in a strange and cruel way?

Like the last straw that crushes a camel, disappointment accumulates day by day. Slowly, if he doesnt say you dont say it, the final contradiction will get deeper and deeper.

Chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, the edges and corners of life have smoothed the traces of love.

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Reality is constantly beating ideals, and no longer believe that a person will change himself for love. The accumulation of disappointment finally overwhelms him. Even if he is still in love, he knows that he is no longer worthy of my love.

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Because I think two people get together very tired, one of them has a strong desire to control, and the other side is unwilling to say anything. The problem can never be solved, that is, endless quarrels. Even if I like this person very much, I cant accept this pathological mode of getting along and break up. But I really like a person to do something for me. Has he changed to losing himself?

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Together for too long, the two gradually less contact, not to mention shopping, may even polite greetings may be forgotten, clearly should be intimate people, but inexplicably become a point of praise.

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In a moment, I will recall the saddest time when they quarreled. When I think of his tone, movement and eyes at that time, I think that this man is not worth loving any more.

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Where there is an inexplicable break-up, are the accumulation of disappointment, the relationship between two people, to the end, the most fear is that there is no expectation.

On the 777th day, I broke up with him. Because there are different ideas about the future, nobody wants to change. In fact, I love myself more than I love you. I dont know how many days it is now to break up, or always think about the original day, but how can that be? I hope you and I are all right.

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Simple, just three words! Do not love anymore! Maybe its a very small thing. Its a bomb after its piled up! Then the two of them split up! Usually in this case, the woman feels aggrieved and disappointed.

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You know, to look forward to a person, to be disappointed, and then no expectations, and no disappointment, and then really no then. Thats what happened to him. I cant change him, and I dont expect him to change for me.

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