Dancing in the delivery room to relieve his wifes pain: If a man loves you or not, he will know when he enters the delivery room.

 Dancing in the delivery room to relieve his wifes pain: If a man loves you or not, he will know when he enters the delivery room.

What do you think about the delivery room?

Pain to the face of grim pregnant women, cold surgical instruments, the cry of tearing the heart and lungs... Every minute, every second, is suffering.

Recently, however, an expectant father added a touch of joy and warmth to the delivery room full of anxiety and fear with his enchanting dance steps.

The father was a dance teacher. In order to divert the attention of the waiting wife and relieve the pain of childbirth, he danced in the delivery room without anyone else. He had both good looks and exaggerated amusing expressions, which made people laugh.

The husbands action, so that the wife in the delivery bed, while painful, laughing tears, and eventually gave birth to a child smoothly.

This scene is so warm and lovely. Many netizens also said touchedly, Its worthwhile to have such a husband, no matter how painful and painful he is!

Think of something a friend of a gynecologist and obstetrician said not long ago:

Its also the wife who is giving birth to a child. One is eager to share his wifes pain, while the other is immersed in the illusory online world. Different husbands, strong contrast, it is sad.

In a variety show, Ying Er once told about the scene on the day she gave birth to a child.

Shouer went to the hospital by herself, from two or three oclock in the morning to the afternoon of the next day, and endured the pain all the time. She insisted on waiting for Chen Xiaochun to come back and dissect again.

In the production process, Chen Xiaochun has been accompanied by the side. When he saw a long anaesthetic needle hit his wifes back, he stared nervously. The blood splashed during the caesarean section made his whole person soft on the ground.

Recalling these painful and bloody pictures, Ying Ers face is full of happiness, because she knows that her husbands resentment and fear are full of love for her.

Maybe you cant alleviate her pain, but your attitude is enough to reassure her.

Knowing that there was a mother, recalling the day of birth, when the nurse told her that she could apply for family accompany, but to pay 400 yuan, she shouted the silliest sentence in her life: OK! I have money! I have money!

But even so, because of the familiar figure, she felt that she was no longer alone, but accompanied by someone, someone to rely on.

True love can be said but not done.

When entering the delivery room, he wanted to follow up to accompany the delivery, but the hospital at that time stipulated that family members could not enter.

When she came out, her husband rushed to her in almost a second, with a bowl of hot rice porridge in his hand.

After buying porridge, he kept it in his arms tightly for fear that the porridge would be cold and his wife would not be able to eat it out.

No matter how omnipotent you are in life, after your wife enters the delivery room, you cant share the pain of childbirth. All you can do is accompany.

In addition, keeping a clear mind, making good decisions at critical moments, taking charge of all the chores during childbirth, including all the things needed to be prepared, accurately remembering where things are put, and finding them in time when they need to be used are the greatest help.