What kind of experience is it?

 What kind of experience is it?

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@ Anonymous: Why didnt you say it earlier!!!!!!!!!!!


@ Fruit Cool: When he pretends to glance at him inadvertently, he just looks at me. When hes far away, he scans frantically in the crowd looking for each other, and gets close to each other and turns into two dumb chickens in seconds.

@ Anonymous: Why didnt you tell me earlier, what if I was abducted? Fortunately, we are right.

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@ Anonymity: After continuous convergence of eyes to avoid, no one dares to step closer, all treasures.


@ Anonymity: Some people say that the most bitter thing is two-way secret love, clearly all love but nobody has moved forward, missed the right person. Today, I found out that the most bitter thing is to think that the secret lover also secretly loves me. After doing one foolish thing after another and saying one wrong word after another, I realized that everything is just self-indulgence. Well, its time to clear up my mess and get back to where I should be. Good luck.


@ Anonymity: Two-way secret love is never two people like each other at the same time, only from a persons one-way love, but some people always know the love of the other party and become concerned about him or her, so there is a two-way secret love, two-way secret love is very painful, on the one hand, it will be difficult to see the other side in communication with other heterosexuals. On the one hand, I dare not take that step. Thats all.


@ Mud oven porridge:

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@ I havent figured out the name yet: I know that as long as Im brave enough, I can change a lot, but I still missed it.

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@ CLODE: Both sides feel better after exposure, happier than they think.

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@ Anonymity: After confessing to each other, we found that there was a big difference with our ideal person. Maybe we are an example, but the result of this two-way secret love was sweet in the middle, but it turned out to be a pain I can never forget...

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@ Taitai 1230: Sometimes its a little sweet, sometimes its a little sad. It seems to know that he knows, and that he likes it. Sometimes its very sure and sometimes its a bit empty. Anyway, its looking for sad and miserable relatives.

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Maybe its the grinding before the long vacation and the refusal to leave school.

Maybe you can be found in line at a glance.

Maybe the teacher told a joke and they looked at each other and smiled.

Maybe the other sneezed and the other sneezed and was silently angry and distressed.

Maybe youre the one who occasionally hopes for the future.

Maybe its knowing the future is hard, but its not willing to give up.

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@ Anonymity: Nobody wants to move their eyes when they are looking at each other. Its still very happy to think about what happened five or six years ago.


@ Anonymity: Seeing each other is blushing and heart pounding, want to reach out and touch but retract, can not accept the other side stare at themselves, face will be red, heart will be very nervous, are careful to treat each other.

@ Walk around like a horse.

How lucky

I was secretly in love with a girl, dare not or be ashamed to confess, and then missed it. Later, I learned that she liked me too. As a result, they missed each other and the taste was very complicated.


@ Xiao Shu: Neither side is in a hurry to take this step. They dont want to think about it so much. They just want to continue this delicate feeling. Only in this way can they not express themselves to each other. Because they are afraid of losing each other.



@ Handsome little fellow: Dont ask, dont say, everything is in silence. Its a great feeling. I think these two people will miss this time very much if they become lovers officially. Also, the two murmurs like each other, and the feeling itself is very special.


@ Susie: Fear that the other person doesnt like himself enough, that he will destroy the existing relationship, that he will face all kinds of realistic factors, and that he will not be really happy if he is afraid of being together. So they quietly rejoiced and suffered.


@ YOYO: Acted more and more ambiguous, until the outsiders were confused, we tried to hold hands.

@ Madonne: The feeling is that when something happens to the other person, you feel that you have a special identity to stand beside him. But when you think about it carefully, you dont have an exact identity.

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