Beiqi Research Institutes high-level skip class and female subordinates open rooms? President: Disciplinary Commission has initiated investigation

 Beiqi Research Institutes high-level skip class and female subordinates open rooms? President: Disciplinary Commission has initiated investigation

Today, an 11-page PDF version of the report spread on the Internet, reporting that a deputy leader of the General Research Institute of Beiqi had committed serious violations of discipline. The article lists several major crimes with illustrations and texts.

A colour form was drawn in the letter, detailing the suspected opening schedule between the leader and his female subordinates, most of which were working hours. A deputy leaders license plate number, account fund records, Hotel surveillance videos, etc. are also listed in full. The informer will use this as evidence for reporting, and request relevant departments to collect evidence in time.

Is the message true? Litchi News immediately called Beiqi Research Institute for verification.

Xie Wei, president of Beiqi Research Institute, responded to the Litchi News, saying that Beiqi Group also received the report today. The report has been paid attention to internally. At present, there is no information about the informer. The Discipline Commission is carrying out the relevant procedures to start the investigation.

As for the contents listed in the report letter, Xie Wei was reluctant to respond specifically. He said, We are state-owned enterprises, and we have a set of procedures to follow in this direction. At the same time, he promised that the groups public relations department would give a formal response to the litchi news.

The reporter then dialed the person in charge of the Discipline Commission of the General Institute of Beiqi Research. As of the publication of this article, the telephone of the Discipline Commission of Beiqi Research Institute has been unanswered.

According to the report letter, the female subordinate who traded with the deputy leader in power and sex was not of professional origin, but could get the promotion and many honors of the company, including outstanding Party members and 38 red flag bearers. Litchi News dialed the telephone of the female employees involved to verify. When she heard that the reporter asked about the matter, she quickly hung up.

An employee of Beiqi Research Institute disclosed to Lichi News that the staff of Beiqi Research Institute mainly had a masters degree or above in automobile-related major in key universities at home and abroad, while the female employee had only a general undergraduate degree. Later, it seemed that she had studied as an on-the-job graduate student.

The employee also said that since the deputy leader took office, he has taken control of the companys financial attendance personnel. After the fermentation of the report letter, the information of the deputy leader has been deleted from the companys internal OA system. The company employees are also discussing the matter. Some internal leaders told them that it was a rumor and asked the employees to keep quiet.

According to public information, Beijing Automobile Research Institute Limited was established in 2006. It is the sole legislator invested by Beijing Automobile Industry Holding Co., Ltd. to achieve the strategic goal of Beijing Automobile Industry Group Development, build an independent R&D platform, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and build an independent brand of Beijing automobile. Entities. Mainly engaged in the research and development of key components of automobile (including passenger cars, off-road vehicles) and new technologies such as hybrid power.

As the matter progresses, Litchi News will continue to follow up.

Source: Responsible Editor of Upper View News: Zhong Qiming_NF5619