Liu Dehua: No press conference does not like him

 Liu Dehua: No press conference does not like him

This tacit understanding between Andy Lau and the media reporters was formed by his friendly contacts with each journalist. For entertainment journalists who are used to stars, interviewing Andy Lau is probably the most comfortable experience in entertainment career. Understanding Andy Lau from the description of entertainment reporters has become another unique perspective into the life of the King of Heaven.

And the first generation of entertainment journalists in China has the most say. Around 2000, Chinas entertainment information programs began to germinate. The first generation of entertainment journalists came into being and were active in the entertainment circles of the three places across the Straits. At that time, many journalists and stars maintained the same relationship as friends. It is said that even today, Andy Lau often invites a group of older generations in Shanghai for entertainment. Although they have retired to the second tier, Andy Lau is still grateful for their reports.

The producers at that time recalled that every journalist dared to fight outside, dared to ask questions that the stars and other media dared not ask, and insisted on high-quality output. Within a few years after its launch, Entertainment has gained a rapid momentum, and has received many exclusive interviews with artists, as well as many interview resources for entertainment activities in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This was extremely rare for the mainland entertainment media at that time. Zhang Yun, a journalist who had just started at that time, remembered that Wang Lihong may be met in the bathroom on the stage, and he was very excited.

Liu Dehua in Youth

Friendly to reporters is the most profound impression of the King of Heaven by all the reporters who have interviewed Liu Dehua on Southeast Satellite TV. Reporter Zhu Huiling felt that Andy Lau was the best artist she had ever met. He gives you a very comfortable feeling, not much nonsense, but very cooperative. Among the many artists interviewed by Zhu Huiling, Liu Dehua is the best one with the best rhythm of speech. Zhu Huiling feels that this comes from his dedication. Liu Dehua knows what the media needs and likes, and always answers questions concisely and humorously.

In 2003, Andy Lau was awarded the Marlborong International Art Sponsorship Award. The Journalist of Entertainment and Entertainment Turns Up went to Hong Kong to record the whole journey.

But even Andy Lau, faced with media problems, will have unhappy moments. Zhu Huiling thought that Liu Dehua handled these unhappy moments appropriately, answered them appropriately, or politely refused them, which would not embarrass journalists, nor would he appear rude to artists at all.

More reportersmemories of Liu Dehua come from some interview details. Ye Min, a reporter from Guangzhou Station of Entertainment and Music, participated in reporting the 23rd Hong Kong Golden Images Award in 2004. Andy Lau was the film emperor of that year.

At that time, Hu Xiaobei, a reporter of Entertainment and Music, was impressed by Liu Dehua as very cute. In 2004, the world premiere was held in Beijing and Hu Xiaobei went to interview him. She said she had no feelings for Andy Lau before she went, but after the interview, she felt very fond of Andy Lau. Like him, he is really very good to people, with high EQ.

The interview on that day included all the actors and creators. Only Andy Lau would take the initiative to find someone to chat with. The opening ceremony was very cordial. He asked reporters and staff where they came from and where they came from. This kind of home-made chat style completely lacked the alienation of the superstars.

This is Andy Laus own Lyric song, recalling his star path since his debut.

Andy Lau has not changed

But Andy Lau has always been Andy Lau, and without much hype, he is still the king who can trigger collective memories at any time. Did Andy Lau change? Reporters who interviewed him more than a decade ago all said that Andy Lau had not changed, had not changed at all for more than a decade, and even spoke in the same tone as before. His dedication and efforts have also been maintained for decades.

Hu Xiaobei feels that this comes from Liu Dehuas sincerity from beginning to end and his accurate positioning. Hes been like this since more than a decade ago. Hes relaxed and real in all circumstances. Wu Xiaoli described Andy Lau as rare as ever. From the perspective of the old media, to be an artist first is to start as a person. In this regard, Andy Lau has done a good job from the beginning, and it is naturally not difficult to stick to it.

In an interview with Liu Dehua in Luyu about a days trip, Liu Dehua rarely talked about life after injury and illness.

Over the years, the media situation has risen and fallen, and Southeast Satellite TV, like Andy Lau, has maintained that perseverance. Television entertainment and information programs have been shut down, but Entertainment Turns Up has gone through 17 years by this year. Zhang Yun, a journalist, feels that such unchanged is not easy. At the beginning of his career, he has achieved rapid growth on this platform. In the future, he hopes that this platform will become better and better.

At the same time, Southeast Satellite TV is seeking change, new programs, new forms and new ways of playing. This satellite TV, which witnesses the youth memory of generations, is also creating more moving good stories for the current era.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952