Johnny Hidakawa, president of Jennis Firm, died at the age of 87.

 Johnny Hidakawa, president of Jennis Firm, died at the age of 87.

Official obituary issued by Jennis Firm

Japanese media reports.

According to the Weekly Wenchun Online Edition, on the afternoon of June 18, President Hidakawa of Jennis Firm was rushed from his apartment in Shibuya District, Tokyo, to a general hospital. Then, on June 19 and 20, many of his artists visited the hospital after work.

According to an entertainment firm related person, the car of artists such as Yuanze Xiuming, King & Prince and Dongshan Jizhi arrived first, then almost all the artists of the firm arrived, and a lot of unknown young Jennies came, including HiHiHi Jets and Junior Ninja, and so on. June 19, the hospital parking lot is full, many cars can only park on the road waiting, June 20, there are many cars to the hospital, are artists, related peoples pick-up trucks.

Hido Chuan was born on October 23, 1931 in Los Angeles, California, USA. His father was the head of the American Temple of Shinyan Sect in Takayama, a Japanese Buddhist religion. There are four children in his family, and he ranks third. His elder sister, Mary, is currently a vice-director of Jennis Firm (and her daughter, Julie, is also an vice-director), while her second brother, a former NASA scientist, died in the 1980s. In 1933, Hidakawa returned to Japan with his parents and lived briefly in Osaka. But after the war, his father sent all his children back to the United States, and Hidakawa spent his youth in Los Angeles.

In 1950, Hidakawa participated in a concert organized by Skylark Teacher Kawada in the United States, initially demonstrating his talent in entertainment planning. In 1955, Hidakawa formed his own band after graduating from Sophia University in Japan. Although it was later dissolved, he accumulated a lot of experience from it. In 1962, after watching the American song and dance film The Story of West Town, Hidachuan was deeply moved and determined to break out of his own world in the entertainment circle. In the same year, the mens group and company with his English name Johnnys as the team name were officially established. Because Johnnys pronunciation in Japanese is close to Jennis, his company in the Chinese circle is also generally translated as Jennis Firm.

In August 2018, Japanese media said that Hidakawa named Hirazawa Xiuming as his successor. In September, Hirazawa ceased activities for more than a year and announced the dissolution of Hirazawa. Hirazawa Xiuming also officially became president of Johnnys Island in early 2019, mainly responsible for the training of 300 Jrs. and the discovery of new recruits.

Jennis Firm (Johnnys Firm), founded in 1975, is a well-known artist brokerage firm in Japan. It mainly promotes male artists and male idol groups. It has trained many well-known Japanese artists and groups: Takura Kimura, TOKIO, V6, KinKids, Lan, Tawaki, NEWS, Guan 8, etc.

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