The director who was asked for assistance by the children of comfort women responded: Chill!

 The director who was asked for assistance by the children of comfort women responded: Chill!

Twenty-two is a long documentary about the comfort women who survived the Japanese invasion of China, directed by Guo Ke. Twenty-two comfort women participated in the shooting, and it was also the first comfort women documentary in China to be released with permission. The film takes the experience of 22 comfort women who survived in the mainland of China in 2014 as the background, and shows their living conditions in series with the dictation of individual elderly people and individual personnel who care for them for a long time. After its release in 2017, the film attracted widespread attention from the society, with a box office of more than 150 million, making it the first documentary film with a box office of more than 100 million.

Twenty-two: More than 10 million yuan has been donated before, including 4 million yuan earned by Guo Ke

Facts have proved that Guo Ke did not break his promise. On October 8, 2018, the documentary film comfort women published a donation announcement on Weibo. Zhang Xinyi, the film sponsor, and Guo Ke, the director, jointly decided to donate 10086,003.95 yuan to the Education Development Foundation of Shanghai Normal University, including Guo Kes donation of 1.08 million yuan. The directors personal income was 4 million yuan and actor Zhang Xinyi lent Guo Ke 1 million yuan. So far, both of them have fulfilled their previous promises.

Actually, the shooting process of Twenty-two was very tortuous. After getting the public release license, the film had raised more than one million yuan with 32,099 people. Actor Zhang Xinyi also borrowed one million yuan without interest. Finally, Guo Ke and the production team traveled to Heilongjiang, Shanxi, Hubei, Guangxi and Hainan to shoot 22 people. Comfort women. The names of 32099 donors were also left at the end of the documentary. They didnt ask for bonuses in return, and the volunteers in the film didnt get any rewards. Guo Ke said, People dont want to pay back when they do this.

Family members asking for money: they are all victims of the comfort women system

However, more than a year after Twenty-two was released, some families of comfort women in Shanxi Province thought they had the right to share the box office results. In previous interviews with the media, the reason for these families is that although the elderly have died and did not appear directly in 22, the film is a documentary about comfort women, they are victims of the comfort women system, without their efforts, there will be no such theme and film.

Director Guo Ke: I hope these families can apply through reasonable channels instead of calling me every day to ask for money.

As for the family members of comfort women who had never met, Guo Ke said, I have no right to distribute the rest of the money. I am only the creator of the film, not a research expert oncomfort women. How can I identify the family members ofcomfort women, confirm their identity and comfort them? What about the pension? I cant afford such a responsibility.

Guo Ke said that he sympathized with the families of these comfort women who asked for money. I suggest that they can apply for relief funds through reasonable channels, such as a written application to the Educational Development Foundation of Shanghai Normal University. However, the people who did not appear in the film, those who did not cooperate with me, were reasonable, and I should not give them money. I even said that they could solve the problem by suing me by law, instead of calling me for money every day and saying some ugly words as it is now.

Guo Ke said he got along well with the family members of the comfort women who participated in the shooting. I filmed nine old people in Hainan, and they have been connected with their families. Yesterday, I bought jackfruit from one of them. Several families in Shanxi are also very good with me. I can only say that maybe people get along in different ways. I dont want to blame these families for asking for money or prove how innocent they are. I just tried to do what I could.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Beijing Youth Daily: Chen Shaojie_b6952