No casualties in a fire in a hospital in Shenzhen

 No casualties in a fire in a hospital in Shenzhen

According to the circular, at 21:51 on July 9, 119 command center received a report that a fire broke out on the roof of the 7th floor of the Second Peoples Hospital of Futian District. The command center immediately dispatched fire squadrons such as Meilin, Futian, Secret Service I and Bamboo Forest. Fifty-two officers of 10 fire trucks were present for disposal, and the Futian brigades full-time command team set out. The scene was a fire on the roof of the 7th floor. Fire rescue forces had put out the open fire.

Subsequently, the official micro-blog of Shenzhen Fire Brigade in Guangdong Province reissued that the scene was a fire at the roof pharmacy of the inpatient department. The initial estimate of the fire area was about 35 square meters, with no casualties. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Official microblog screenshot of Shenzhen Fire Brigade, Guangdong Province

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825