Why has Andy Lau been popular for decades?

 Why has Andy Lau been popular for decades?

I was surprised because I had never been so comfortable with the stars I met. We unconsciously hold it up to show people in a perfect image. But Andy Lau didnt. You will feel that he is not an idol, like a respected brother, need not be humble courtesy, just listen attentively.

Then he came over and shook hands with us.

He seemed to have a sense of it. He immediately joked and helped me warm up.

Later, he said, Shuai has been accustomed to saying that he should be handsome for 80 years. Everyone laughed again.

There are two other details that I am deeply grateful for.

How long he gives other media interviews, how long he gives us, not less than a minute.

He did his best to complete everyone, and this kind of accomplishment still happened in a way that did not embarrass the other party.

In December 2013, Andy Lau talked to Lei Jun in Friends and once said, One of my most successful places is my character.

This is a very sincere and humble expression. He doesnt talk about talent, not about beauty. Talk only about character.

From his beginning to the present, he has always treated people with compassion, not to mention dripping water everywhere.

Not to mention that life is perfect, but we must do our best to help others.

In 2008, Wenchuan Earthquake, he launched the 5.12 Care Action for Wenchuan. Hundreds of artists participated spontaneously, and even some acted with illness.

Some people say that Andy Lau kneels on his body and wins with respect. What we raise is good money, and what we are shocked by is the peoples hearts.

He gradually became the idol of the entertainment industry.

If you can achieve half of Andy Lau, you will be satisfied, said Tse Tingfeng.

Aya has always regarded him as the male god NO.1, imitated his personality and personality, and regarded his words as the treasure of life.

In the interview, when Liu Dehua mentioned Gutianle, he especially praised one of the qualities of Gutianle, that is, he is very attentive to new people and elders. In Andy Laus opinion, it is worth learning from all artists and everyone.

Andy Lau values goods more than a persons talent and appearance.

Andy Lau did the same. He respects his elders, supports new people and spares no effort.

New director Ning Hao made Crazy Stone and Lau Dehua invested 3 million yuan.

Xu Anhua asked for money everywhere before she made Peach Sister and ate up all the dishes. In the end, Andy Lau invested 20 million yuan before he had to shoot.

He said, The director made a speech, and I was in great pain. She said, I havent had enough money to shoot for a long time. Then I said, Okay, how much do you want? Ill give it.

Andy Lau is a very kind man. He is very kind. If a friend has a bad life, he will feel uncomfortable. He will try to take care of the bad friend. Many people in this circle go through a downturn, and they will encourage and support to help. So I think he has a good heart and a good reward...

When Zhang Weijian invested in real estate, he built almost all his family. Unexpectedly, when the financial turmoil came, he was almost bankrupt.

As a star, it has attracted great attention and influenced people of several times.

As a boss, with a unique vision, Tianmu has not lost money in investment so far.

For such praise, Andy Lau does not feel pressure, just luck.

He said, I think its my good fortune to be able to get some message, or spirit, that can encourage you as long as its on me.

Because it was luck, he walked steadfastly on this road, without hesitation, without losing control, in an orderly manner, moving towards the light.

Andy Lau doesnt think so.

He thought, If you are spiritual, we can overcome our shortcomings and become a successful and lovely successful person through the efforts of the acquired day.

But only by overcoming instinct, cultivating self-restraint and constantly striving for truth, goodness and beauty can we approach our eldest husband.

Thats what he is.

By virtue of his character, Andy Lau has won millions of hearts and minds. But he has not only character, but also enough diligence.

He rehearses three months ahead of schedule for the concert. If something goes wrong, hell be upset for five months.

Filming is more desperate, one after another, go all out, almost no rest.

And he did it wholeheartedly in charity, investment and support for new people.

Zhang Xueyou also said, Every time I want to stop, I see Andy Lau in front of me, I will keep chasing him.

I asked him, Are you tired?

Because the supervision needs to be managed, in fact, it does not need to be so detailed. But he is Andy Lau, so he must be perfect. He has to focus on the whole process, but also responsible for the docking of all resources, scripts, directors, filmmakers, actors, and even group performances to be in place.

He once said, I just asked me not to lose. When I say I dont want to lose, it doesnt mean you wont lose, but you must not want to lose.

Only dont want to lose, you will persevere with extraordinary will power.

As for difficulties, go ahead and dont hide. On this platform, you can walk, but you cant hide.

In January 2017, he filmed an advertisement in Thailand. Unfortunately, he crashed a horse, broke his pelvis and spent more than three months in bed. But when he got up, he worked immediately and rushed into the preparations for the bomb disposal expert 2.

Then do Anti-drug 2-day Duel.

At this time, his identity is only a supervisor, behind the scenes. But because Gutians music scene is too strong, its difficult to find an actor who can compete with it. Andy Lau looked around and found that he was the most suitable one, without saying a word.

After all, Anti-drug 2-day Fighting is fast-paced, with play, car chase and gun battlefield. For an injured person, it is a challenge.

Lin Jiaxin said, One year ago, he had an accident, and one year later, he had to do some dangerous actions. You would feel very distressed, worried and afraid.

But he did not complain and complained.

He said everything went well, there was no discomfort, everything was fine. All kinds of comfort people around.

People who are seen feel understood and connected.

Gu Tianle and Liu Dehua became friends after Anti-drug 2-day Duel was filmed.

Before that, they were just friends of gentlemen, busy in their respective tracks, rarely intersecting.

Gutianle is a good man.

Andy Lau has given a very high appraisal - good man - there are not many people in the world who can match these two words, but he thinks that the ancients can. At the same time, he praised Gutianle for his diligence. Its a model worker.

Good man and model worker have always been labels on Andy Lau, and now he has given them to Gu Tianle.

Its enough to see that adults choose friends, and they really choose people who are close to their souls.

They are heaven and earth.

They played the duel tensely.

And in the movies, they come and go, very men.

Love and killing are hormone splashes. Even death ends in a way beyond our imagination.


How beautiful is Anti-drug 2 Days to Duel? I believe I dont need to repeat it.

Aberdeens production and Gu Tianle Miaos overseas Chinese, Wei Lin Jiaxins performance have made the film very secure.

The play cost a lot of money.

It covers an area of 3,000 square meters and takes three months. More than 1,000 people have finally completed the site.

See the blood boiling.

Why create such a scene? Andy Lau said that when the play comes here, it needs a lonely scene to make the dialogue between heaven and earth.

Only when they are forced to despair in closed places can they begin to tell the truth.

And these facts are the most powerful and the most romantic place in Andy Laus opinion.

He wants to use this film to tell everyone that drugs will definitely break your family, so protect your life and stay away from drugs. And we need everyone to fight against drugs, everyone to fight against drugs, Gutianle, this kind of person, we should not let him exist in the world.

Because of this sense of justice and mission, Lin Jiaxin said, He is really a hero both inside and outside the play.

They undertook the mission of guarding, walking, defending and promoting Tao, and became the symbol of conscience.

And Huazi is the closest person Ive ever met to a scholar.

It is difficult to describe Liu Dehua accurately.

He is the film emperor, the king of heaven, the gentry of peace, the social conscience, the model worker, the evergreen tree in the entertainment circle, the idol, the beacon of life for countless people.

He has set an example of persistent struggle.

In his view, there are reasons for any pause.

Anything that happens is the best.

This is life, it needs me, you dont want to stop by yourself, wait for me to stop for you.

After the horse crash, he lay in hospital for three months. He could not get out of bed. His stool and urine were solved in a room of several square meters.

At the same time, he has to have leisure to think about what he really wants? What to pursue? Which identity do you want to be better?

For external identity, such as good actors, good singers, good people, he no longer insists.

He said, Its enough for me to be a good father.

At the end of Infernal Affairs, he stood on the roof of Hong Kong and said, I want to be a good man. In his career of more than 30 years, he has always regarded quality as his moral cultivation criterion. But the year he became a father, he slowed down, softened down.

After childbirth, because she was not confident that her sister-in-law would not make vegetarian food, she took care of her children herself in the first three months of her birth.

He told us that maybe to be a good singer and actor, we need to work hard, but if we say that I have talent, my talent is to be a good father.

Once upon a time, with diligence, character and a sense of mission, you became the king of a generation.

In the future, I hope you will be a good father of a girl with compassion, softness and empathy.

No matter where you stand, may you be at ease.

Thank you for the world!