Zhang Xinzhou Yutong in Dasong Youth Records Opens Sugar Breaking Moment

 Zhang Xinzhou Yutong in Dasong Youth Records Opens Sugar Breaking Moment

The poster skillfully chooses black and red as the main tone. The strong color contrast makes the atmosphere of the times full of storms and clouds. The Heroespostures of serious preparation or fencing also make the enthusiasm of Seventh Zhai vigorously guarded on paper. In the theme special, the youth brave word is the first word, fearless, force value bursting shed of fighting fragments of exciting blood, even in a difficult situation, but the youth spirit does not diminish, deeply touching the heartstrings of the audience. Since the popular broadcasting, Dasong Youth Records in the continuous reversal of the plot, into the determined and indomitable spirit of young people, and harvested a lot of spontaneous Amway audiences: Our ambition is really a treasure opera, the whole play does not follow the routine, there is hot blood and suspense, great praise! Whoever can stand the middle of this game, kneel down and beg to see me, Song Dazhi!

In the latest scenario, the plight of the Seventh Zhai teenagers has escalated again and again. The crisis of Song and Liao Dynasty was alleviated when Yun Nei chose to sacrifice for the protection of justice. On the other hand, although Wang Kuan successfully unraveled Lu Guannian, who was blinded by revenge, a huge truth still hides behind all kinds of seemingly smooth, and the crisis is full of danger. With the further development of the plot step by step, the county owner incident is about to come to an end, and the challenge of the new chapter will be reopened. How to uphold justice and truth under the competition of various forces for the young people who are in the midst of the flood of the times? The suspense of the series keeps increasing, arousing audiencesnerves and heated discussions.

Sweetness Upgrade!

ZHANG Xin-zhou Yutongs Return to Sugar Delivery Moment

It is worth mentioning that Dasong Youth Records by presenting the Seventh Zhai Youth growth and progress, step by step interpretation of the fierce spirit of guardianship of the country, quite eye-catching. When they first joined the Secretariat Cabinet, they were not rich in feathers and repelled each other. Through various tempers, they gradually shared the same aspirations and shared difficulties. With their excellent abilities and tacit understanding, they formed a youth team to shoulder the burden of protecting the country and defending the people, and released their blood in the transformation. In addition, the plays description of the ignorance and sincere friendship of several teenagers is also very real. Yuan Zhongxin and Zhao Jians tacit partnership from joyful enemies to the moment of life and death makes the audience realize the sweetness of growing love accompanied by them; Xue Ying, who is sensitive to inferiority, is gradually warmed up by everyone and opens up a closed and sensitive heart; Wei Ya, who once bossy and domineering, also fades away from stubbornness and becomes willing to test poisoning for his friends... With the development of the story and the deepening of the charactersemotions, everyone discovers the shining side with the help of friends and achieves a better self. This kind of family responsibility mixes the freshness of juvenile temperament and arouses the strong youth resonance of the audience.

In the following scenario, Seventh Zhai will go to Yinzhou to embark on a new journey. Yuanzhongxin and Zhao Jianhone meet again to further warm up the emotional development. The feelings of Wang Kuan and Xiaojing also make new progress. The scenario opens a sugar moment and continues to be exciting. It is worth mentioning that the official edition of Dasong Youth Records authorizes the same-name hand-to-hand tours to be launched soon. With the extreme next-generation scenes and meticulous character models to restore the roles, open martial arts are added to the play method, and the spirit of traditional Chinese martial arts culture is integrated. The Dasong swordsmen with distinct personality will also be in the game in a brand-new way. Players meet.

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