Stolen cameras were hung on the Internet and sold cheaply to men. Police said they were inadmissible

 Stolen cameras were hung on the Internet and sold cheaply to men. Police said they were inadmissible

The companys Sport Camera disappeared for nearly a month, Xiao Chen suddenly found that the machine was hanging on idle fish and was sold cheaply. The shelf time was the second day of the disappearance. The photo on the purchase page has a sequence code that matches my missing motion camera. Xiao Chen said. To his surprise, after buying back the sports camera, he found that the T-shirts and hats supplied by the seller happened to be T-shirts and hats missing with the sports camera.

Sellers selling page on idle fish (later reduced to 1800 yuan)

The day after the disappearance, the sellers put up idle fish for sale.

Xiao Chen lodged a complaint with the idle fish and went to a police station in Wuhou District of Chengdu on the afternoon of July 9 to report the case, but the progress on both sides was not satisfactory: the idle fish decided that his complaint was unsuccessful, and the police station informed him that there was insufficient evidence and suggested a civil procedure.

The original price of the camera was 5,700 yuan and was sold at a discount of 1,800 yuan.

Xiao Chen works for a well-known sports camera brand. In late May last year, the company assigned him a sports camera with an original price of more than 5700 yuan. But usually not, Xiao Chen put it on the desk at home.

On June 14, a young man in his early 20s rented Xiao Chens house. After looking at the house, Xiao Chen found his sports camera missing, along with a T-shirt and a hat. Probably when I poured water for him, he walked along. Xiao Chen said, but at that time thought it was temporarily impossible to find, so he did not immediately call the police.

The clothes supplied by the seller, Xiao Chen said they were his own clothes.

On July 5, the company told Xiao Chen to compensate, so he logged on to the idle fish and prepared to buy one to the company. Wandering around, Xiao Chen suddenly found that the sport camera was being sold cheaply on idle fish: the original price of 5,700 yuan sport camera, at this time only 1,800 yuan. Xiao Chen carefully compared the sequence codes of the motion cameras on the purchase page and found that they were identical with his missing ones.

Red Star News reporter saw that more than a year ago, when the company allocated the sports camera to Xiao Chen, the chat page recorded its serial number: GP24505825. The same sequence code, which happens to appear on the photos of the idle fish page, is also watermarked with the sellers account name.

Xiao Chen provided a chat record with the company more than a year ago, showing the same serial number as the Sports Camera sold by the seller.

Xiao Chen said that in order not to frighten the snake, he did not directly seek the seller back, but first order payment, buy back the sports camera. Sale of the same city, Xiao Chen soon received the camera, and to his surprise, the missing T-shirt and hat were also accompanied back, That T-shirt and hat is my companys cultural shirt, ordinary people can not buy it.

The police also found the evidence insufficient when the platform complaint failed.

After getting the sports camera, Xiao Chen went to the seller and asked him if he had stolen or sold the stolen clothes. The clothes you sent are also mine. Its interesting. The seller replies to Xiao Chen: You cheated on things, and then you started to routine others. I am reselling. I dont know if its yours or not.

Xiao Chen asked again, As a reseller, you didnt even ask you how the machine came from your home. The seller replies, Of course I dont care. The seller believes that there is no defect in the item itself and refuses to refund it.

The process of consultation between the two sides

There will be no dispute between the two sides, and the seller will also be Xiao Chen Lahe. Subsequently, Xiao Chen appealed for a refund on the idle fish and provided chat records, serial numbers, T-shirt hats and other evidence. The seller responded, initially offering face-to-face transactions with the buyer, but was rejected. After the buyer got the goods, all the evidence had been possessed by the buyer and the buyer was in an advantage before making the request. The seller also responded that he was not obliged to refund for non-transaction. Then Xiao Chen proposed that the two sides meet again in front of the police and were refused by the seller.

Idle Fish Judges Sellers Victory

On the afternoon of July 9, Xiao Chen came to a police station in Wuhou District of Chengdu to report the case. He was advised to take legal action by the police, and the public security organs could not accept it. The proof you have now is that the camera is in your hands, and the serial number is the same. So when the other party mails you, do you fix the camera? (Record, for example) When did I open the package and receive it? Can the serial number on it confirm that it was sent by the other party? Police stressed: This is factual evidence, is your loophole.

Later in the afternoon of July 9, Xiao Chen told reporters that the idle fish decided that his complaint had failed and had already called the seller with the money: I am speechless. The idle fish handled it like this and called the seller without giving evidence. The Red Star journalist contacted the idle fish customer service, asked the reasons for the decision, and was told that it would take one working day to reply.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Youyuan Garden_NO4712