Trump pushed and criticized the British Ambassador to the United States: He was a very foolish fellow.

 Trump pushed and criticized the British Ambassador to the United States: He was a very foolish fellow.

Global Network reported that the exposure of British Ambassador Kim Dallocks secret electricity, which derogated Trump, was still fermenting. Following a response on the 8th that the United States would no longer deal with Darroc, Trump sent three Twitters on the 9th, calling Darroc a very silly fellow.

Trump wrote on Twitter: The eccentric Ambassador imposed by Britain on the United States is not a person to excite us, but a very foolish fellow. He should talk to his country and Prime Minister, Teresa May, about their failed exit negotiations, rather than being frustrated by my criticism of how badly I handled them.

Later, Trump added, I told @Teresa-May how to reach an agreement, but she went her own foolish way - and failed to do it. A disaster! I dont know the ambassador, but I was told he was a conceited fool. Tell him that the United States now has the strongest economy and military power in the world so far and will become bigger, better and stronger... Thank you, Mr. President!

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On the 6th, British media exposed several secret cables and memorandums sent by British Ambassador Kim Dallock to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in which Dallock derogated Trump, describing the latter not only in terms of insecurity and incompetence, but also that Trumps presidential career might end in shame.

In response, Trump said on the 8th that the U.S. government would no longer deal with Darrock. Trump said: I do not know the ambassador, but the ambassador in the United States has not been well received, the United States will not deal with him anymore. Trump also criticized British Prime Minister Teresa Mays de-Europeanization policy, saying that Teresa May did not listen to her suggestions.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Teresa May said Thursday that Darroks views do not represent the official position of the UK, and Teresa May does not agree with Darroks criticism of the US government. However, the spokesman also said that Teresa May fully trusted Darroc and had no plans to recall him.

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Chengyu_NBJ11143