Dont persuade me to be generous if you dont know my suffering.

 Dont persuade me to be generous if you dont know my suffering.

Please thank the person who tripped you up, because he taught you independence.

Thank you for the person who hurt you, because he made you what you are today.

I want to say, injury is injury, how to forgive or even thank those who hurt me? If you want to thank, thank you for facing such injury, still strong to survive their own.

If we cant forgive the deep-seated injury, we should remember the ugliness and darkness in human nature, so that we cant degenerate into it.

Dont say injury is wealth, thats bullshit!

Injuries are injuries. It is wealth to stand up strong and brave when you grit your teeth.

A few years ago, Guo Degang was ordered to rectify Deyun Society because his disciple Li Hebiao beat up Beijing Taiwanese journalists and had an affair with Beijing Taiwanese.

Cao Yunjin and He Yunwei, apprentices who were popular with Guo Degang at that time, were the hosts of Beijing Taipei. In order to protect themselves, they left Deyun Society one after another and smeared Deyun Society in the lowest valley of Deyun Society.

If you cant even remember this, you will be very unjust in your life. If I remember to retaliate on you, it may be that I am careful, but I cant remember it?

Many people said, Guo Degang is such a big shot now. How can you still make a lot of fuss about it? Be generous.

Guo Degang responded: If you dont know anything, you should be generous. You should stay away from him, because the thunder will affect you. Youve got a knife pierced here, and your blood hasnt been wiped clean yet. He told you to stand up bravely. Are you going to die?

Yang Jiang said, In this materialistic world, life is really hard enough.

If you want to live in peace with others, you have to deal with them first, and you have to be ready to suffer at any time.

In life, there is no need to be false and vengeful. If you cant forget some injuries, remember that you dont have to be a retaliator, but you dont have to be wronged to forgive those who shouldnt be forgiven.


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